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Certified Laboratory Services | Calibration

Global Sensors has a complete range of services for calibration and certification of any instrument we sell.  Instruments are tested for temperature and/or humidity performance against known "traceable" standards.  When possible, we will make adjustments to bring an instrument into conformance with standards and we always use instrumentation that is independently certified by an outside testing authority. Global Sensors can also re-certify instruments from other manufacturers and will provide testing and documentation in accordance with N.I.S.T. procedures.  Our thermal range for instrument calibration is -85C to 160C (-120F to 325F).

Calibrating Loggers
Included in this process is a visual inspection of the unit to ensure that there is no physical damage to the unit, certification with precise temperature or temperature and humidity measuring equipment, testing in accordance with N.I.S.T., ASTM and ANSI procedures, and a certification report that outlines the pertinent results of the certification effort.  

Calibrating Digital Thermometers
Global Sensors can provide certification for any type of digital probe.  The instruments are tested in our lab in precision water baths and calibrated using N.I.S.T. certified thermometers.  Our certification report will provide offset values that will pinpoint the true accuracy of the instrument.  

Calibrating IR Thermometers
Global Sensors issues a three-point calibration based on readings taken from target surfaces with precisely controlled temperatures. This procedure is based on N.I.S.T. traceable sources which is important for compliance with many regulatory agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration, ISO 9000, etc.  

ISO 17025
Global Sensors complies with all requirements of ISO 17025, including traceability, document and laboratory control, training and competency evaluation of personnel, safety and all other quality procedures.  We can supply a PDF copy of our Quality Manual upon request to qualified customers.

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Humidity Calibration

  • Traceable to an NIST Calibrated Standard
  • 3-4 Business Day Completion
  • Includes NIST Calibration Certificate

Standard Relative Humidity Ranges

33% RH @ 25C
50% RH @ 25C
76% RH @ 25C

Custom Relative Humidity Ranges

40% RH up to 40C
60% RH up to 40C
80% RH up to 40C

and other reference points by request.

Laboratory Standards

All humidity calibration equipment is maintained according to laboratory audit SOP's and manual requirements.  Every instrument and chamber is periodically subjected to third party validation.

When internal secondary standards are employed, that procedure is noted.  The chain of standards is related to specified procedures of NIST, and all outside services are performed by ISO certified or equivalent labs.

We use a combination of Kaymont and Tenney chambers for temperature and humidity testing.  

We offer flat fee programs for annual recertification and recalibration of fleets of equipment.  Supply us with a RFQ and allow us a week to submit a proposal. 

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We use a custom IR target calibration instrument that we use for IR thermometer "guns".  For the most part, these guns do not have the capability to be recalibrated to a standard, but can be checked for "as found" calibration information.  This tells what the expected error in a calibration may be with a specific instrument.  Having a certificate for "as found" offsets is an important component for regulated programs that require periodic calibration of laboratory temperature measurement.


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