DataMark loggers send their information via the built-in USB connector that is an integral part of the logger.

The data is displayed and graphed by the DataMark Application...this is not a full software function that needs Windows® installation.  It runs directly from the application just like a smart phone app.

You can download the DataMark Application from this page.

If you have no previous experience with this software, and have not downloaded it previously, please click on the links below to start the download:


Download DataMark Application

Version for Windows:

 OPTION-1 EXE:  Download  Use this option if your email system does not reject exe files 
 OPTION-2 ZIP:  Download  Use this option if your email system rejects exe files by default 
With the EXE file, just place it in a convenient location.  The Desktop is preferable.  If you download as a ZIP file, simply uncompress the folder to get access to the EXE file and then place it on the Desktop.

 Version for Android Operating Systems:

 OPTION-2 ZIP:  Download  Use this option if your operating system is Android - only zip available.


 View Brief Video on Running DataMark Application - 
Click here to view video

This video shows the sequence of events when running the DataMark Application.  Click on the icon (after downloading the shown on the desktop.  Then a windows box appears asking you permission to "install".  Click yes, and the Application runs immediately.   A DataMark logger was already plugged into the USB port...the Application detected it and in a second or two downloaded and displayed the information.  From this point, one could create a PDF for distribution by email to interested parties. 

PowerPoint Overview of DataMark - Click here to download presentation file (does not require PowerPoint to be on your computer to play)


  User Guide for DataMark - Click here to view/download user guide

When a DataMark that has already recorded its data is plugged into a PC computer USB port, the device is recognized and a driver is automatically installed.  With Windows® 7, it may be necessary to leave the DataMark logger plugged in, and then reboot the computer.

If you are having a problem, contact your selling agent.