Seven Reasons to Select DataWatch Elite                                                   
We can think of lots of reasons to make a purchase choice of DataWatch, but we have listed seven general categories of reasons so that you can get an idea about this excellent product line. 

(1) Accuracy
If you are not in the habit of checking out detailed specifications, you may have missed a key performance aspect of DataWatch Elite...all of the temperature and humidity accuracy values are better than almost the entire field of loggers available.  Typically, temperature is 0.35C over the normal range, or in some ranges ever better.  When we quote an accuracy figure, our intent is to state that " will never get results outside of that accuracy band".  

Plus or minus specification criteria show the band of possible values that a device can report at a given temperature (the True Temperature).   DataWatch is in the range of reference standards while most of the other logger types are not nearly as close.  Most of the figures that are quoted for other loggers are "general expectations" which means that one may expect temperatures further away from True from time to time.  Not so with DataWatch Elite.

For any application, more accuracy is always a good thing.   It creates confidence and gets rid of issues that are non productive.  Get your results and trust them with DataWatch Elite.
(2) Design Shape
There is no mistaking a DataWatch Elite logger.  They are round disks (many of our customers call them "hockey pucks").  Round is a good shape as it adapts well to O-ring sealing and is more robust in terms of drop resistance (no corners to concentrate stress).

Hanging Loop

The integral hanger loop is useful where there are no easy means of attachments.  Several of our customers use DataWatch Elite to monitor warehouse temperatures and hang them on strings attached to the loop.  Others use them in transit monitoring by placing them on a hook.

Magnet Start
Our magnet start system has multiple advantages.  First, the magnet is a type of key that prevents unauthorized starting and marking.  Second, a magnet start is a type of switching mechanism that never wears out.  External mechanical switches wear out or are susceptible to damage or contamination. 

Reading Cradle
Our interface cradle employs the single most reliable mechanism for getting data from the logger to a PC computer.  There is no "plug" that is typical of other readers.  The contacts on the logger body simply touch the contacts of the interface...there is nothing "mechanical" to go wrong.  Electrical contact is more reliable than other types of systems, as well.


At any time during a recording episode, a magnet swipe will enter a "mark" in the data record.  This is useful for any type of program that requires personnel to view the LCD screen to see if recorded conditions are OK.  Proof of this observation is the presence of a date/time mark in the downloaded data record.
(3) Service and Support Our warranty period is a contract with our customers.  If there is anything wrong with your DataWatch Elite unit, we will fix it.  If the unit is out of warranty, we have facilities to fix any damage or perform periodic recalibration. 

If you are new to DataWatch Elite and need a little help on running the software or understanding basics of using loggers, you can call us and speak directly to a representative who really knows that product.  Try that with a "logger store".
(4) Reliability

DataWatch Elite will deliver years and years of service.  Why?  Because of a well engineered design and because of uncompromising choices of components and materials. 

  • Case materials are the best plastics and materials--no compromises.
  • Electronic components are chosen for enduring performance and are tested and matched with companion components. 
  • LED indicators are heavy duty.
  • Our LCD screens are custom designed and made by a very reliable manufacturer. 
  • The contacts for downloading are Iridium plated for long service life:
  • External probe contacts (both cable and logger body) are thick gold plated for zero corrosion
  • Stainless steel components are used wherever appropriate
  • Highest quality neoprene is used for O-ring seals
(5) State of the Art Software

DataWatch Elite Software is a comprehensive software package with many features not found in simpler software:

  • Displays current readings
  • Multiple analysis features: degree days, MKT, Process Hygiene, MIN/MAX, alarms, etc.
  • Custom graphing with zoom
  • Dew Point (with Humidity Logger)
  • Password protection
  • Companion software suite for 21 CFR Part 11 performance (FDA Pharmaceutical requirement)
  • Stored record description
  • Delayed start
  • Control over sound signals
  • Display of "marks" recorded during data collection session
  • Automatic Sending of Email attachments
(6) Unique Features
  • Beeps sounds uniquely signal record marking, each data point recorded and a start event
  • Countdown to delayed start shows on LCD
  • Icon of logger shows source of displayed temperature (external or internal)
  • Battery status indicator updates with installation of new battery (senses battery brand and capacity)
  • Custom logger types for special applications (high temperature, autoclave, Egg, and others)
  • Alarm link can turn any DataWatch Elite unit into a logging alarm triggering system
  • Click sounds during download confirms each data packet as it arrives at the PC
  • Data marking with magnet key
(7) Investment All this adds up to an investment that repays over many years.  DataWatch Elite products are designed for the long haul, and despite the popular notion that electronic devices outdate and become obsolete overnight, that notion simply does not apply to DataWatch Elite. 

We have customers send in units for recalibration that are almost 20 years in service, and they are still running fine and producing superior results. 

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