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DataWatch Elite Alarm Link

The DataWatch Alarm Link transforms any DataWatch logger into an alarm system without compromising its logger function.  Just place the DataWatch unit in the cradle and when an alarm is determined by the functioning of the data collection process, a contact is made to set off the alarm of your choice.  The terminal block (shown at the end of the cable above) makes or breaks contact, allowing a buzzer, blinking light, siren or other alarm device of your choice to be turned on.

Product Sheet

Operating Range

 -40F to +185F (-40C to +85C)


DataWatch Elite Models with Alarms



Connection for power 9-24 VDC 100 mA (Red)


Connection for power 9-24 VDC 100 mA (Black)


This is "normally closed" - alarm condition opens (Yellow)


Connect one side of DC powered device to this and NC or NO, depending upon the logic of the connection (White)


This is "normally open" - alarm condition closes (Blue)



DataWatch Alarm Link

DataWatch Elite Egg Model

Eggs are quite vulnerable to temperature excursions outside of their safe range.  The problem is to determine with some accuracy what the temperature conditions might be under actual shipping and storage conditions.

The DataWatch Elite egg temperature logger makes it easy.  Wherever an egg goes, this logger can go.  As it is stored, transported and handled, the exact temperatures that the interior of the egg experiences are recorded by the "logger inside".  The interface is a bit different from the normal cradle used with most of our DataWatch is an interface that plugs in to the port (see above) and attaches to the serial port of the PC that is collecting the data (to use USB, you will need an adapter).

Product Sheet     

Operating Range: -20C to +60C (-4F to +140F)
Accuracy within Operating Range: 0.3C (.6F 
Water Resistance IP 51
Dimensions: height: 59mm x diameter: 45mm  
Response time: T90 of 12 minutes in moving air
Memory capacity: 16,000 time-temperature data points
User replaceable AA lithium battery (included)
Time accuracy within 40 seconds per month
Start with magnet swipe or preprogrammed start
Weight 77 grams
Acetyl case material (G.R.A.S.)
Two year warranty
Storage -40C to +85C           
Requires serial interface cable for software connection.

DataWatch Egg Logger

Egg Special Plug-In Interface $45.00
DataWatch Elite Starter Magnet

Some of our customers ask us "why do you use a magnet starter instead of a switch?".  Thanks for asking...that is a good question with a good answer. Switches are the most trouble prone component in any item of electronic equipment.  They can break; they can be a source of leakage, and sometimes they seem to work but don't really.

These problems are all solved by our magnetic starting system.  Swipe the magnet on the face of any DataWatch Elite logger and you will hear a responsive BEEP BEEP.  This confirms that there has been a successful start of the logger.

In addition, the magnet serves as a key.  If you do not have a magnet, you cannot accidentally start a DataWatch logger.  It stops unauthorized starts, as well.  Available separately or as part of our starter kit.

These items are essential for every DataWatch Elite model, including the specialty logger shown on this page. 

Starter Magnet, Interface and Software Disk Kit

Includes one DataWatch Elite interface (see at left), with built-in USB cable and a magnetic starter key pod (at right).  Software is free to download at any time, but a software disk is included in this package.

Magnet Only

DataWatch Elite High Temperature Loggers
(With Various Options)

Above are images of the food pasteurization monitor and the standard high temperature monitor (available with different probe lengths).

These instruments are designed for years and years of reliable performance.  The food pasteurization model can be inserted by the threaded shaft and sealed into a container.  Dual probes permits investigations of heating and cooling rates.  The high temperature model is adaptable for many different applications where high pressures and high temperatures are the operating environment.

All surfaces are food safe stainless steel or synthetic materials.

Both of these models use the standard cradle for downloading.

Product Sheet

Shown above is a typical installation designed to monitor cooking temperatures on the interior of a canned product.  The outside probe allows comparison of external temperatures and internal conditions.  Heating rates and cooking times can be determined with high accuracy.

Operating Range: 0C to +125C (+32F to +257F)
Accuracy within Operating Range: 0.3C (0.6F) 
Water Resistance IP 68 (steam and pressure rated)
Dimensions: 9mm x diameter 45mm  
Memory capacity: 16,000 time-temperature data points
Time accuracy within 40 seconds per month
Start with magnet swipe or preprogrammed start
Weight 250 grams
Two year warranty
Storage -40C to +85C           
16,000 data points or 40,000 data points (options)
User replaceable high temperature lithium cell
Diameter 49mm, height 28mm - excluding probe attachment
250 grams
316 Stainless steel & high temperature synthetic ring

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