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PS Nr. DESCRIPTION                                 
10 CheckTemp Digital Thermometer Download
11 Low Cost "DE-305" Thermocouple Thermometer Download
12 DataWatch Elite Product Line Download
14 DataWatch Pasteurization Model & Egg Model Download
19 Global Recorder Download
22 Accutemp Series (H, L, E) Download
23 Digitron Thermocouple Thermometer Download
26 LogTag Product Line Overview Download
28 Food Inspector Infrared Thermometer FI-40L Download
29 Waterproof Digital Remote Probe Download
30 Professional Handwash Brush Download
31 Infrared-LC Thermometer Download
32 pH Testing Strips Download
33 Long Distance Dual Function Infrared Thermometer Download
34 Dishwashersafe Digital Probe Download
35 Bimetal Freezer/Refrigeration Thermometer Download
36 Oversize Oven Thermometer Download
37 Global Sensors Infrared-ILC Thermometer Download
38 DataWatch Alarm Link Cradle & Specialty Items Download
39 Time-at-Temp. Digital Thermometer with Glycerol Bottle Download
40 Quaternary Ammonium Test Kit Download
41 Chlorine Test Kit Download
42 LogTag General Purpose Multi Use Temperature Recorder Download
43 EconoTemp Thermocouple Thermometer Download
44 T-Sticks Download
45 Alcohol Wipes (in preparation)  
46 Iodophor Test Kit Download
47 ThermaTwin Dual Function Infrared Thermometer Download
48 Portable Inspection UV Lamp Download
49 Aquatuff Thermocouple Thermometers Download
50 High Accuracy Digital Thermometer Download
51 Hand Wash Training Products Download
52 LogTag External Probe Model Download
53 Platinum Digital Thermometer with Integral Probe Download
54 3M Cooking Oil Test Strips Download
55 Low Cost Digital Thermometer Download
56 Dual Range Compact Infrared Thermometer Download
58 Time Cook Thermometer Download
59 Pocket Size Infrared Thermometer Download
60 LogTag Dry Ice Temperature Recorder Download
61 LogTag Humidity Logger Download
62 T&D Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems Contact us
65 DT-171 Humidity Logger Download
66 DualTemp 2-IR Infrared + Probe Thermometer Download
67 AQA 4100 Cool Down Thermometer Download
69 Green Eye - Desktop Environmental Monitor Download
70 Low Cost Bimetal Probe Thermometer Download
72 AQA 1515 Food Unit Infrared Thermometer with Display Download
73 Mini-K Thermocouple Thermometer Download
74 Clipboard Thermocouple Thermometer Download
75 Big Digit Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer Download
76 DataWatch Elite-DX Temperature Logger Download
77 DataWatch Elite-DX Humidity Logger Download
78 DataWatch Humidity Logger Download
79a LogTag TRID Refrigeration Monitoring Download
79b LogTag TRED Refrigeration Monitoring with External Probe Download
80 LogTag TICT Temperature Indicator Download
81 LogTag TIC20 Vaccine Temperature Monitor Download
82 DataMark Single Use Temperature USB Logger Download
83 DataMark2 Single Use Temperature USB Logger Download
85 Verigo Pod PBO Wireless Temperature Logger Download
86 Verigo Pod PAO Wireless Temperature/RH Logger Download
Full Line Catalog
Software T&D Recorder for Windows (RTR-5)
 this software
This software has been specifically designed for use only with Thermo Recorder RTR-51/51A/52/52A/52Pt/53/53A, RVR-52, RVR-52A, RTR-57C, RTR-57U allowing you to control all settings, data downloading and graph creation, as well as other functions.
RTR-5 Series, RTR-57U
Version 1.44(US) / 1.44(EU)
Release Date February 24, 2011
Microsoft Windows 7 32/64bit English
Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit English
Microsoft Windows XP 32bit(SP2 or above) English
CPU A Stable Windows Operating Environment
Memory A Stable Windows Operating Environment
Hard Disk More than 20 MB of free space (Data will need more space)
Monitor VGA(640x480) more than 256 colors
Copyright T&D Corporation
Restriction Not for any use with other Media.

If you are using an older version of Windows, do NOT use the download above, use this:

T&D Recorder for Windows(RTR-5) ver1.42 [Win98SE/Me]

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  • LogTag Analyzer User Guide                     Download
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  • DataWatch Elite Plus Software                    Download
  • DataMark Software                                     Download
  • DataMark2 Software                                   Download