Clear Case

Clear Case

Wall Hanger


  • Specifically built to allow use in harsh environments.  
  • Designed to minimize the effects of thermal lag.
  • Made from high impact polycarbonate plastic and silicone rubber seal.  
  • IP67 rated. Dust and Waterproof.
  • Supports LogTag® TRID30-7R/F, TRIX-8/16, SRIC-4, TRIL-8, SRIL-8 models.


  • Can be mounted on a wall, door or any vertical surface.  
  • Allows easy removal of the Logtag Recorder.  
  • Can be used inside coolstores, refrigerators, freezers, shipping containers, etc...
  • Double coated foam tape adhesive supplied.  
  • Supports all current Logtag Recorders including units with external probes.  
  • Made from polycarbonate plastic.
  • Interfaces with all LogTag Recorders except TIC series.  
  • Designed for high levels of use.
  • Literally 10,000's of inserts.  
  • Logtag Software can support multiple interface cradles.  
  • Available in USB version or legacy RS232 version.  
  • USB drivers are Microsoft WHQL digitally signed and available for download from Windows Update.

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