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External probe loggers are useful for a wide variety of applications: hot liquids and semisolids in process or transit applications, monitoring of contained refrigerated spaces with the body of the logger outside for access and marking, core temperatures of products that can accept probe penetration, etc.

All of these applications are handled nicely with the LogTag External probe unit.  Probe options include different cable lengths and configuration of probe tips.





LogTag Logger (1)
A single external probe LogTag logger unit with specified external probe.
Starter Kit (2+3)
Includes one interface unit with built-in USB cable and software disk.

LogTag TREX-8 External Probe Temperature Logger
Our external probe unit uses the best quality materials in construction of the probe unit and its companion receptacle on the body of the LogTag unit itself.  Contacts are gold plated to defeat corrosion and ensure enduring high quality data transmission.

Cables are heat sealed and bonded at both the plug end and the probe end.  The cable itself is PTFE (FDA food contact rated) coaxial cable with a multi-layer outer skin that provides flexibility and superior wear resistance.

All of the other features of the LogTag recorder line are preserved in the LogTag external probe unit. 

With cabling available up to 3 meters (almost 10 feet) is it possible to have good separation of the logger body itself from the sensing location.  Probes are available with handles for forcing the probe shaft into tough or resilient materials.

Simple controls on the face of the logger allow the user to start logging or mark the record during a recording episode (to signal a specific event or time point).

One advantage of the external probe logger system of LogTag is that the unique "Mark" system allows personnel to note time-based events without removing the logger from the location of the monitoring.  Also, with some applications, there is an advantage in that the probe can be left in place as the logger body is removed to be downloaded and reprogrammed.  The range of the probe encompasses all food and beverage temperatures of interest from dry ice sublimation up to the boiling point of water. To install the latest version of LogTag Analyzer Software: click here

Specifications  Product Sheet
Temperature Range  -40C to +99C (-40F to +210F)    
Temperature Resolution < 0.1C for -40C to +40C,  < 0.2C for +40C to +99C
Temperature Accuracy better than 0.5C for -20C to +40C.
better than 0.7C for -20C to -30C   & +40C to +60C
better than 0.8C for -30C to -40C   & +60C to +99C
Sensor Response Time T90 of less than 5 minutes in moving air
Stored Time-Temperature Readings 8032 readings (16K bytes memory)
Time Accuracy      Average 20 Seconds per Month
Logging Interval Adjustable, 30 sec to several hours
Battery Type and Life 3V Lithium battery - Three years of use
Dimensions  8.6cm x 5.5cm x 0.86cm (L x W x H) 3⁄₈" x 2⁄₈" x ⁵⁄₁₆"
Unit Weight  35 g (0.08 lbs  or 1.23 oz.)
Case Dust and Water Resistance  IP65 (roughly equivalent to NEMA 4)
Indicator Light Flashing 'OK' indicator | Flashing 'Alert' indicator
Case Material Polycarbonate (Case and face label are G.R.A.S. materials per USDA)
Basic Features

Logging start by push button or specific date/time start 
Optional clearing of alert indication by push button (places inspection make at same time).
Download inspection mark recorded in LogTag memory every time LogTag is downloaded.
'Prestart' fail-safe logging (records temperature data even if not started)
Low Battery indication in software
Alerts: preset absolute max and min, time over and under low and high presets
Calibration to achieve higher accuracy possible.

EMC Compliance Tested and complies with EC EMC directives (EN 50081-1:1992 & EN 61000-6-1:2001) 
EN12830 Compliance Tested and complies to EN12830:1999 for transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep frozen, quick-frozen food and others. 
WHO Compliance Approved by the World Health Organization's (WHO) Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) standard and listed on the WHO website:
Electronic temperature recorder, Model: LogTag Trix-8, as E06/06
FDA CFR21 Part 11 Competence Logger and Software systems are secure
RoHS Meets all international standards for compliance - documents available
Probe Options
External probe option A: cable with bare, unarmored tip. 
Cable length options: 1.5 meters (4' 11") or 3 meters (9'10").

Fits standard receptacle in all external probe LogTag units.
External probe option B: cable with penetration probe and handle.  Cable length options: 1.5 meters (4' 11") or 3 meters (9"10").

Fits standard receptacle in all external probe LogTag units.
External probe option C: cable with penetration probe without a handle.  Cable length options: 1.5 meters (4' 11") or 3 meters (9'10").

Fits standard receptacle in all external probe LogTag units.

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