TR-7wf/nw Series Direct Connection Network Loggers

TR76Ui CO2
Network Logger

RTR-500 Series  

The RTR-500 system combines a wide range of wireless sensor logger types with multiple options for data collection and distribution, including cellular systems, wireless and wired networks, and portable data gathering units.

500 Series Data Collection Options | D500 Series System: Download Descriptive PowerPoint

Wireless Sensors in the RTR-500 Series

The RTR-500 series includes a wide range of sensor possibilities.  Click on any of these type to learn more:

Data Transmission and Collection Options that Work with the RTR-500 Series

There are five options for gathering and distributing data from RTR-500 sensors.  All communicate with the individual sensor-loggers wirelessly.  The data can then be stored in handheld unit, or ported to a network (wireless network or Ethernet), sent via cellular communication to various devices, connected directly to a PC computer by USB connection.  Click on the images below to learn more:

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