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 The Econolog multi-use Temperature and Humidity Recorder has a long history of proven accuracy and reliability.

Each unit goes through a three-point correction check and validation process at the factory giving end users complete peace of mind. There is no need for corrections or complex calculations to be applied to downloaded data.   (blanket Calibration Certificate available upon request).

The proprietary TRW software makes compliance easy by automatically generating a PDF report. Using speed buttons, all data can be saved as *.TR and/or *.PDF files, emailed, printed or exported to MS Excel.

Flashing LED indicators on the face of logger allow instant confirmation of recorded data being within or outside the specified temperature range. "Markers" can be included by pressing the START/STOP button for 2 seconds during recording.



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Reader Interface

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  TempRecord Humidity Logger: $355.00
Quantity discounts are available. Call us at 704-827-4331 
Reader Interface: $125.00
Quantity discounts are available. Call us at 704-827-4331 

Specifications  Product Sheet
Temperature Range  -25C to +60C  (-13F to +140F)             
Operating Range  -25C to +60C  (-13F to +140F)             
Temperature Accuracy 0.2C (-20C to +50C  /  -4F to +122F)
Humidity Range 0% to 100%
Humidity Accuracy 3% from 12% to 80%   |   4% for other measurements
Display Resolution Temperature: 0.01C  |   0.018F   Humidity: 0.1%
Sample Period Programmable between 2 seconds and 36 hours
Start Delay Programmable between 10 seconds and 36 hours
Within Limits Indicator One flash from Green LED every 10 seconds
Out of Limits Indicator One flash from Red LED every 10 seconds
Warranty 1 year
Memory 32K non volatile  |   16,000 temperature readings   |   16,000 humidity readings
Battery Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3.6V (non-rechargeable)  |   2 years life
Software TRW Software compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
Required Accessory Reader Interface available with USB or RS-232 connectivity
Case IP56 or NEMA 4 
Unit Weight 83 gr  |   2.92 oz.
Dimensions 129 x 73.53 x 14 mm |  5⅛ x 2⅞ x ⅝ in.

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