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LogTag Temperature Loggers

LogTag still sets the standard for sensor accuracy and convenience in a compact package. 

LogTag software is the industry leader, with data analysis and data handling options that are superior.  Pharma quality and validation are part of the package. 
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LCD Screen Temperature Loggers

When you need to know the results immediately, select a logger that has an LCD screen.  The range of information can be impressive: averages, which days went over specification, when events occurred, etc...  We are highlighting the LogTag TRID30-7 (shown here).
Also available: TRED30-7 with external probe.
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DataWatch® Elite Humidity Loggers

Highly accurate, portable and full featured.  Paired with sophisticated software and a wealth of instrument options.

Our famous "hockey puck" logger does humidity very well.
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LogTag External Probe  Temperature Loggers

Famous LogTag performance and efficiency is now available in an external probe model. 

External probes are important for liquid and remote measurements.  You can get probe with long cables and with handles for easy penetration.  Very accurate.
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T & D Wireless Data Systems

A user-installed wireless solution for facility monitoring of a wide range of sensor types.  Wireless solutions for WiFi, LAN networks, cellular communication for transit and other applications.  Learn more about state-of-the-art technology for remote sensing and data networking of sensor data.

Global Sensors is the best system integration information source and we beat any pricing for systems.
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LogTag Humidity Loggers

Affordable quality humidity logging solution. 

Simple to operate and uses state of the art software and sensor technology. 

This unit features a unique micro-porous protection screen that keeps contamination from the sensor without compromising performance.
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 DataWatch® Elite DX Series Loggers

Top quality temperature logging with display features, alarms, record marking exceptional accuracy...all now available in the DataWatch Elite DX series.  Internal or external sensors.

User replaceable batteries and direct connection to the USB port set the DX apart. 

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DataWatch® Elite External Probe Temperature Loggers
There are a thousand reasons for an external probe logger and DataWatch has almost that many options.  You may need to measure temperature in a liquid or inside of an object and have an "on logger" display.  You may need to measure in three different places at once.  Whatever need you have for external probe data gathering, Global Sensors has you covered with the DataWatch line.
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DataWatch Elite DX Series  Humidity Loggers

This well designed logger has all the features anyone would expect from a sophisticated instrument and yet very affordable.

It features a large multi functional display for easy viewing and also has a built-in digital sensor for improved accuracy and less prone to drifting. 

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DataWatch® Elite Temperature Loggers

The DataWatch internal sensor model is water resistant and can be used in cold rooms, floated on water baths, suspended in hot or cold controlled temperature environments or just about anywhere you need to know temperature in the normal chill to room temperature range.

The accuracy specifications and abundant features have made the standard DataWatch Elite logger line an industry leader.

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TRIL-8 imageLogTag Extended Temperature Range Loggers

Need to extend your monitoring to dry ice temperatures or to "smoke room" temperatures? 
We have the right type of loggers to do the job.

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Green Eye CO2 Temperature & Humidity Monitor
Unique desktop,  bench-top or countertop monitor does it all: CO2, Humidity and Temperature.

Serious environmental monitoring can be performed using the logging aspect of this instrument for archival and documentary proof of monitored conditions.

Comes with USB interface cable and full software suite.

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LogTag® TICT Single Use Temperature Logger

Low cost, factory pre-configured to monitor and record statistics for up to 45 days. The LCD screen displays an OK or REJECT alert indicating if the goods require further checking or not. Ideal for monitoring the cold chain in "last mile" transit and other applications where full data logging is not required.

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DataWatch® Elite Special Form Factor Loggers

There are many solutions to logging challenges.  For example, our Egg Logger is a perfect solution to temperature data in the actual shipping and storage environment for eggs.  There are too many solutions to highlight them all.  Please call us for expert advice on special applications.

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Humidity "Display Only" Meter

Here is an ideal and economic solution to spot checking of humidity in different locations within your situation.  We have found this meter to be quite accurate.  The probe can be extended into chambers and other confined spaces. This unit is not a logger, but can hold max and min values.

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Single Use
PDF Logger

When it comes to enhanced technology combined with ease of use, nothing beats the DataMark2. This factory pre-configured logger does not require software installation. At the end of the trip, simply connect the unit to any computer and it will automatically generate a PDF report. Flashing LED lights also give an immediate visual indication of the alarm status.

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Verigo Pod Wireless Temperature Logger

Use any modern phone or tablet to view, analyze, sync and share data from all nearby Verigo loggers.

Simply sign on to Verigo's iOS™ app and you are ready to  wirelessly connect to any Pod from up to 40 m and configure, start or stop each device.

Data can then be viewed in real time and PDF or Excel reports downloaded directly to your phone and stored in the cloud.

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Verigo Pod Wireless Humidity Logger

The Pod RH records and wirelessly transmits temperature and relative humidity data to your smartphones and tablets.
No cables or readers required!
Simply download Verigo's app for iOS™ to your smart device and start using your Pod. Data storage in the cloud allows users back in the office to access and analyze all information.

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LogTag PDF Logger

The ideal solution for independent receivers, clinical trials and last-mile distribution.
It plugs directly into the computer USB port eliminating the need for Interface Cradle or cable. It is User configurable and available in single-use (USRIC) or multi-use (UTRIX) versions. Enclosed in a robust and durable polycarbonate case.

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LogTag TIC20 Single Use Temperature Logger for Pharmaceutical Transit

The LogTag TIC20 offers an accurate and cost effective solution for monitoring the pharmaceutical cold chain transit. It is factory pre-configured to monitor a range of standard vaccines for up to 20 days. Current temperature, elapsed time, load status, monitoring status and battery condition can all be seen at a glance at any time during the trip.

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TempRecord Humidity Logger

This durable, reliable and tamper proof model will provide many years of use with guaranteed superior accuracy.
Calibrated a 5-points to ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory standards, the TempRecord logger offers complete peace of mind.
Users can rely on its data integrity and there is no need for corrections or complex calculations to be applied to downloaded data.

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TempRecord Econolog Temperature Logger

This  general use, multi-trip, waterproof recorder will provide up to 2 years of guaranteed accurate readings. LED indicators allow instant confirmation of recorded data being within or outside specified temperature range. Easy programming and download using TWR software.
Its rugged design allows for usage in the most harsh environments.

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Logger Facts

What is a Temperature Logger?
Temperature loggers are like simple probe thermometers, but they take and remember the readings.  The whole time-series of readings can then be recovered later, usually by using a serial interface that connects to a PC computer.   Generally, temperature data loggers are portable battery-operated monitors that take a time-based "history" of sensor data.  They provide a simple yet powerful solution for analysis and documentation for research, process monitoring, in-transit monitoring, QC testing, HACCP plans, warehouse monitoring and laboratory and environmental studies.

What about Humidity Logging?
This works the same as temperature logging, but incorporates a humidity sensor.  It is important to realize that humidity loggers are always temperature loggers, as well, since humidity sensors require accurate measurements of temperature to quantify humidity.  So, every humidity logger is a "dual temperature and humidity logger".  Humidity sensors drift over time (temperature sensors also, but not as quickly or as severely).  For proper results, humidity loggers should be recalibrated every six months.  We are experts at recalibration.  Learn more about humidity re-calibration

Using Loggers in Transit Monitoring
Temperature loggers are becoming the standard for transit temperature monitoring in the food and drug industries. Loggers have the advantage of superior accuracy in demanding applications, and the convenience of digital data storage and processing.    

Logger Accuracy and Transit Monitoring
Typically, you can trust the record of an accurate logger to ±1°F or ±0.5°C under the best of circumstances.  It should be noted that there are many factors that can influence the temperature as sensed by the logger, such as recorder placement, packing geometry, outside temperatures and air leaks.  Nonetheless, loggers perform an invaluable service to record temperatures alongside the product, which is the best method of obtaining the true temperatures in which the product is being exposed.

Software Importance
Most loggers are paired with software of some kind.  Some loggers can be used with online data storage and reporting (this is important if there are IT limitations on software installation on corporate workstations or if wide data availability to multiple users is required).  Make sure that your application takes into consideration the capabilities of the software that is used with the logger hardware.  Often the software will make your life easier by automating data analysis or distribution tasks...ask us to point out the differences.

Starting, Stopping and Marking
One important aspect of data logging in general is the control of stopping and starting and making "event" marks on a time based record.  Some loggers have a "start button".  Others rely on magnetic activators or starter devices.  In some instances, a logger can be always running, so that they simply need to be stopped or interrogated when data is needed.  All of these options are possible with the different types of loggers we sell.

Important Extra Stuff
Many applications are highly technical.  Gathering data in special situations requires a more extensive suite of adaptable and complementary "parts" to your logging system. Global Sensors can provide accessories for your logger system: readers, special probes and application-specific logger options.  Please call us to discuss your specific requirements: 1-866-402-8282 (toll free) or 1-704-827-4331.

Why is wireless data gathering important?
Some applications require quick or "unattended" data gathering.  Wireless systems allow the data gathered by the logger to be remotely reported to a data terminal (a computer or other device).  Wireless data monitoring is very affordable and offers some real advantages. Global Sensors is a leader in wireless monitoring for warehouse or retail operations, for HACCP or supply chain solutions.  Please call us to discuss your specialized application: 1-866-402-8282 (toll free) or 1-704-827-4331.

Why is an integral USB logger a big deal?
Many of our customers use loggers to ship to hundreds of different locations.  The recipient returns the logger to the shipper after reading the recorded data.  With so many locations to ship to, providing all of these locations with hardware interfaces would not only be too expensive, it has logistic difficulties.  Software is free and universally available, so having built-in interface capability makes the logger "hardware free" when it travels to different locations.

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