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Test Strips are Immersed Directly in Oil for Immediate Information

These strips allow you to get optimal performance from your cooking oils without taking the chance of using spent or bad oil.

Test either animal or vegetable cooking oils
Color-change dip strips show degree of oil breakdown
Normal level and low range test strips available
Chart included

Managers set the standards for your employees to follow.  When you're ready to change your oil, dip a strip & keep for employees to compare with future strips. When their strip's color change matches your original strip, it's time to change the oil.

Each kit consists of a supply of the test strips ready to use, and a comparison chart that can be used to evaluate the color response of the strips. 

Check out our complete guide to cooking oil testing.

Strips are dipped into the oil to be tested, and the color response immediately produce an easy to read color indication.  Strips are dipped into the cooking oil at cooking temperature, and in seconds, you are able to determine the degree of shortening breakdown.                      
Strips should be stored in a cool place.  Be aware that shipments made in extreme weather may result in a shorter shelf life for the product.

Product Sheet

Normal Range Guide
Low Range Guide

All strips are supplied in sealable jars with a total of 40 strips per jar.

Strips are available in two ranges: normal range and low range.  These ranges are important for the type of cooking oil application.

Determine from the chart below which is the best choice of oil testing strip for your specific operation.  For mare data, see our complete guide to cooking oil testing.

The strips determine levels of "free fatty acids" or FFA.  The percent of these acids in cooking oil is a key determinant of rancidity or degraded cooking oil.  The normal range detects from 7% FFA to 2% FFA.  The low range detects from 2.5% FFA to 1% FFA.
Operation Best Strip Type
Processor Low Range
Seafood, Chicken Low Range
Fries, breaded vegetables and  breaded meats Regular
Un-breaded foods Regular
Retail Food Prep Regular

4 Jars of 40 Normal Range Strips

( =160 strips)    

(List Price $119.00)

4 Jars of 40 
Low Range Strips

( =160 strips) 

(List Price $145.00)

Call for volume discounts on any of the above products

Chlorine Test Strips

These test strips provide easy and inexpensive testing of your sanitizing solutions for proper strength and effectiveness.  Prevent under mixing or over extending of use of sanitizer solutions. 

Check out our page explaining how to use bleach sanitizer solutions and why these strips are important to that process.

Range 10-200 PPM (parts per million) 

The Chlorine Test Kit Contains: ten (10) 15' rolls and five dispensers (as shown here)  with built-in color match charts

The Refill Kit Contains: five (5) 15' rolls in a plastic box separate color chart

Chlorine ((bleach) solutions are the most widely used in food service applications.  Often, it is economical to make up a larger batch of solution to use for repeated sanitation washes.  Solutions gradually lose their potency, and eventually are not effective.  You cannot tell by smell.

One unique application is the use of dilute bleach solutions to sanitize toys used in public family assistance programs.  Check out our sheet describing the use of test strips in this application.

Click here for information on toy sanitation.

Chlorine gas escapes from the solution over time, and that weakens the effect, so testing is essential.

Product Sheet
AQA1627 Chlorine Test Kit $30.00

(List Price $36.00)

AQA1628 Chlorine Test Kit Refill

5 rolls in plastic box with color chart


(List Price $23.00)
Iodophor Lo Iodine Test Strips

Iodophor is a federally approved contact sanitizer that is used widely by the food service/production industry.  Diary use is widespread. The test kit can be used as a guide to mixing solutions as well as  a test for "expired" Iodophor solutions. 


The test kits go from 0 ppm to 50 ppm, spanning the normal recommended 25 ppm for effective kill of microbes commonly encountered in food processing.  Some operations use above this level combined with substantial rinsing to remove iodine residue.

Check out our comprehensive Iodophor usage page.

So, its important to check concentrations. If you are using Iodophor solutions, you need a test kit to determine proper mixing and life of the sanitizer.  This is the low cost, accurate and effective solution.

The test kit consists of two 15' rolls of test strip tape dispenser with a color match test chart sample tube.
Iodine is a safe chemical that is also useful for disinfecting surfaces. 

Iodophor must be used at a proper concentration.  Even if you use a formula, you will never know how the solution works unless you test it.

Product Sheet
AQA1227 Iodophor Test Kit

(List Price $16.00)

AQA1228 Iodophor Test Kit Refill
5 rolls in plastic box with color chart

(List Price $13.00)
AQA1312 pH Test Strips

pH strips are useful for sanitizing solution testing, various solutions and food preparation items.

Quick Response 
Easy Use at Low Cost
Available in the most useful ranges


AQA1312 pH 0 - 13
Test Kit Single 50' Roll  one 50' roll, range 0 to 13 pH in single pH units w/dispenser and color match chart Good for inexpensive and quick testing in all applications.  

AQA1347 pH 0 - 6
Test Kit Two 50' Rolls two 50' rolls in single protective case pH 0-6.0 in 0.5 pH units includes color match chart This unit is better for testing of food pH, beverages, washes, cleaning baths, water supply and processing solutions.

AQA1312 is actually much better than a poorly calibrated laboratory pH meter.
We supply pH strips in the two most useful ranges for the food industry. 

1) Full Range 0-13 pH
2) Low pH Range 0-6 pH

Use the Full Range to test water pH, brine solutions, beverage acidity

Use the Low ph Range for sanitizing solutions, vinegar and other food process liquids, preservatives and more detail on beverage acidity.

Product Sheet

pH 0-13 Test Kit Single 50' Roll $15.00

(List Price $19.00)  

pH 0-6 Test Kit  
Two 50' Rolls  $18.00

(List Price $21.00)

Quaternary Ammonium Test Kits

Quaternary Ammonium is the long form designation for what is known in food processing as "quats".  In some food processing plants, "quats" are used to sanitize equipment prior to long periods when the equipment will not be used.  This is strong residual protection, but you need to be sure about solution potency.

The "quats" are generally effective at killing vegetative yeast and mold cells. They are less effective at killing bacterial endospores and fungal spores. Activity of the "quats" against bacteria varies greatly, depending on the type of bacteria.

Check out our comprehensive guide to quats testing.

We offer a complete selection of test strip kits: Normal Range, High Range and Mid Range.  Users find it convenient to select a kit where the typical result from testing is in the middle or toward the top of the range.  In some instance, multiple rinse operations require testing at different levels, as well.

Kits normally contain five 15' rolls in individual dispensers with color match charts.  Refill kits are available for the Normal Range and High Range strips.

Normal Range Test Kit (0-400 ppm) QT-10
If you are certain of soft water with few contaminants and normal pH, you can use the normal range as a routine test procedure.

Mid Range Test Kit (0-500 ppm)
The mid-range test kit is the best compromise and is favored by many of our regular customers who are professionals in the field of sanitation.  There is more resolution of concentrations on the scale, and the somewhat higher range allows more reading scope.

Mid Range QT-40 test kits are supplied in packages of 5 rolls per shipment/order. 

High Range Test Kit (0-1000ppm)
When hard water or other conditions compromise the effectiveness of a normal quat treatment, higher concentrations are called for... concentrations that may be required to exceed the normal range of our testing strips.  In these circumstances, use our High Range (0-1000 ppm) test strips (see ordering details at right).   

If you are uncertain, start with the High Range version of the test--this will cover all concentrations that would reasonably be used for this sanitizing operation. If you are using hard water for sanitizing rinse applications, generally the reading should be above 400 ppm for sanitizing effectiveness.


High Range Kit Contains: five (5) 15' rolls  five (5) dispensers with color match charts Range 0-1000 ppm  Refill package does not include dispensers and only has on color match chart included in the bulk 5-roll case.

Detailed testing of quaternary ammonium solutions is crucial to the disinfecting process.  Solutions lose their bactericidal potency.

Know what range to use and find out about your water condition before using quat test strips.

Typical quat concentrations used for food contact surfaces are 200 - 400 ppm, with a follow-up running water rinse usually done prior to the next use of the equipment. For certain "quats" and concentrations, a post-use rinse is required by regulations.

The "quats" work over a wide pH range, with best activity in alkaline pH (use our pH strips to check - see above).

Hard water will diminish the effectiveness of "quats", as will residues of food or cationic surfactants.

Please use care when ordering.  You should initially order the kit and not the refill.

Conditions Best Strip Type
Good Water Quality
Normal pH ~ 7
Normal Range Test Kit 0-400 ppm
Intermediate Conditions or All Purpose Testing Mid Range Test Kit 0-500 ppm
Hard Water
pH >>7
High Range Test Kit 0-1000 ppm

Product Sheet
AQA1507 Ammonium Test Kit
Normal Range
0-400 ppm
5 rolls in 5 dispensers $30.50

(List Price $36.00)

Refill for Ammonium Test Kit
Normal Range
0-400 ppm
5 rolls in plastic box with color chart

(List Price $29.00)

AQA1505 Ammonium Test Kit 
Mid Range
0-500 ppm
5 rolls in 5 dispensers $33.00

(List Price $39.00) 

AQA 1506
Refill for Ammonium Test Kit 
Mid Range
0-500 ppm
5 rolls in plastic box with color chart

(List Price 24.00)   

AQA1509 Ammonium Test Kit 
High Range
0-1000 ppm

5 rolls in 5 dispensers

(List Price $37.00)

Refill for Ammonium Test Kit
High Range
0-1000 ppm

5 rolls in plastic box with color chart

(List Price $24.00)
Hamburger Cooking Test Strip

Hamburgers are required to be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  These strips provide a simple way to test.  Probe the burger, wait a second or two, remove the strip and look for the appropriate color change.  Simple.

Check out our comprehensive page on testing hamburger cooking.

We have a range of test strips for different temperatures, and also provide strips that are useful for checking dishwasher temperature.
These strips are also very useful for testing and documentation of dishwasher temperatures.  Place the strips into the load and retrieve after a cycle...the strips irreversibly change color if proper temperatures were reached.

Save these strips in a record sheet, and you have all of the documentation required for any regulated program or health inspection requirement.

Product Sheet

Dishwasher 160°F T-Sticks®
(package of 50)


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