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We will match any Internet posted pricing for any of the units listed here.  Be careful when you shop, as some vendors have excessive shipping charges.
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EconoTemp  from Global Sensors

We have the affordable EconoTemp in stock and ready for shipment.  This unit has the quality of U.S. made thermocouple thermometers combined with an all new design and a price that makes a purchase fit your budget.

EconoTemp represents solid value--get all of the power and flexibility of a thermocouple thermometer in a very affordable package.

Large 3.5 inch by 0.4 inch LCD display
Rapid update (2 readings per second)
Wide Range: -40F to 500F (-40C to 260C) Uses 3 AAA Alkaline Cells 1500 hours
10 minute "auto off" to preserve battery life 2F accuracy (1C)
Water resistant case and keypad
Accepts any K-type thermocouple probe
Reads Fahrenheit or Celsius
Lanyard carry cord
"Tuck-in slot" for probe shaft
Lightweight (0.38 pounds [172 grams])
Supplied with a protective rubber boot
5 Year Warranty (does not cover probe)
Protective rubber boot (removable)
Wall mount fixture on reverse
5 year Warranty
Housing Shock resistant ABS with rubber boot CE Marking - NSF Listing

Thermocouple plugs into top end of unit





 Product Sheet

EconoTemp Thermocouple Thermometer

Carrying Case for EconoTemp
High quality vinyl zipper case with belt loop.



Click here to choose a probe for use with this dual-function IR thermometer.


Global Sensors
Thermocouple Thermometer

Our full-featured DE-305 is a breakthrough for the entire field of temperature probe measurement.

Using the popular K type thermocouple, this new instrument breaks price barriers and maintains all of the performance characteristics of more expensive instruments.

The MAX button is useful for cold room monitoring. Just hit the MAX button and the unit will tell you the maximum temperature sensed since the button was pushed. Any type of K thermocouple probe can be used with the instrument. A wide range of specialized probes are available for virtually every temperature monitoring application for food processing, storage or retail. The unit is supplied with a convenient "flip out" table stand. The temperature HOLD function is useful to "freeze" a particular reading on the display for later recording.
   -58 F to +2372F
(-50 C to +1300 C)
Accuracy: 0.3% +1 C over full range
Power Source: 9 Volt Battery (500 hours)
Response Time: 15 seconds
Constructed of Durable ABS Plastic/Neoprene Rubber "boot"
Display: LCD 3.5 digit
F or C [with decimal or without decimal]
LCD Display 2.1" x 1.0" (53mm x 25mm)
Weight: UNIT: 11.3 oz (208 g)
    5.8" x 2.8" x 1.4"  (148 x 71 x 36 mm)
BOOT 0.25" thick (7 mm)
Sampling Rate: 2.5 times per second
Ambient Operating Temperature:
    32 F to +122F (0 C to +50 C)
Sampling Rate: 2.5 times per second
Maximum Digital Reading on Screen: 1999
Boot is removable

This unit can be user-calibrated.  Refer to our section on calibration for food-temperature range calibration procedures.  Learn more

Product Sheet

Global Sensors DE-305 w/o Probe


Click here to choose a probe for use with this dual-function IR thermometer.

Or, order a combination package with a general purpose probe included:

 Global Sensors DE-305 with General Purpose Probe

Mini-K Compact Thermocouple Thermometer

Our Newest Thermocouple Digital Thermometer proves that good things can come in small packages...

The all new Mini-K thermocouple thermometer will accept ANY mini-male plug probe; immersion, surface, air or bead.  It is small and accuracy qualifies it for a wide range of food safety and related applications.

Probe measurement -83.2 F to 1999F (-64 to 1400 C). Accuracy of Mini-K thermometer is 1% of reading or 1.8F (1C) whichever is greater plus probe accuracy. Low battery icon warns of need for battery replacement. 

You can select C or F display and use the HOLD feature to save a reading. Roughly the size of a cell phone, the AQA 1810 features a battery life of 100 hours of continuous use and auto shut off after 15 seconds.
Ambient Operating Range: -32 to 122F
Accuracy: 1% of reading or
    whichever is greater PLUS probe accuracy
Resolution: at -9.9~199.9C = 0.1C or F
Response Time (90%) less than 1 second
Dimensions: 3 x 1.7 x 0.8 inch
Weight: 1.5 ounces (w/o battery)
Batteries: 1 lithium coin cell
Battery Life: 100 hours

Accepts any K-type probe

Plug probe into base.

Product Sheet

 Mini-K Compact Thermocouple Thermometer
(does not include probe)

(List Price $44.00)

AquaTuff Thermocouple Thermometer  

This thermometer was originally designed for a well known fast food chain and was specifically made to conform to their exacting standards for durability, precision and ease of use.

Now, with the new AquaTuff designation, the quality has gone even higher.

The unit is highly durable and is completely waterproof. The body unit is high impact ABS plastic.  The operating buttons and face of the unit are sealed with a thick and durable membrane panel for ease of cleaning.  The whole unit is secure for substantial impact resistance and use in wet and dirty environments.  

AquaTuff not only is fully waterproof, it is highly accurate, convenient to use, and about as rugged as you can get in a precision instrument. Over the years, nothing else has come close.  This latest in thermocouple design, the AquaTuff is the result of years of design refinement based on field experience. 

The unit is also easy to hold, as the extrusion body has ergonomically designed ribs for a good grip.  Response is rapid and steady.   This is a very high quality instrument that will last for years and years of heavy industrial use.

Operating Range: +32F to +122F (0 to +50C)
Accuracy: +/-1.8F (1.0C)      
Full Range Accuracy: +/-2%,2C
Resolution: 0.1F/0.1C
Distance Ratio 11:1
Emissivity: 0.1 to 1 in 0.01 steps
Update Frequency: 1.4Hz
Wave Length: 8 m-14 m
Thermocouple Probe: K type
Range of Probe: -83.2F to +1999F (+64C to +1400C)
Thermocouple Probe: 1C,  1%
    - Average - Difference (IR vs. probe)   
    - High/Low (visible and audible alarm)
    - Alarm (on or off)
    - Max/Min (view with button push)
    - Lock (holds current measurement)
Power Supply: AAA (Alkaline)
Battery Life: 140-180 hours
Amber Backlit Display
Response Time: T90 = 1sec

Product Sheet

AquaTuff Thermocouple Thermometer
Instrument only


Click here to choose a probe for use with this dual-function IR thermometer.

AQA14057 Economy Soft Carrying Case

(List Price $25.40)

AQA14235 Deluxe Hard Case

$29.95 each
(List Price $39.20)


AquaTuff PLUS Thermocouple Thermometer     

This unit extends the functionality of the AquaTuff with two more significant features.

PLUS Features

All AccuTuff features (see above), plus

Hold Function

Product Sheet

AquaTuff PLUS Thermocouple Thermometer


Click here to choose a probe for use with this dual-function IR thermometer.



AquaTuff High Accuracy with Integral Wrap Cord Probe
This is truly a legendary series of instruments.  Starting with the AquaTuff features, these instruments achieve a higher level of accuracy by compensating for an integral probe...each unit is individually pre-calibrated.

The unit is designed to allow the probe handle to "snap in" to the case (as shown at right) when stored.  Cord wraps around the body of the unit in a specially designed retainer groove.

Global Sensors has the best pricing anywhere on this remarkable tool. The AquaTuff series as created to answer to the need for a very high accuracy thermocouple thermometer that can also withstand substantial abuse, including immersion.  No other instrument even comes close to the unique combination of characteristics of this product line.  Higher accuracy is achieved by using an matched probe (use only a Global Sensors replacement probe) that is calibrated specifically with the thermometer response.

Operation is simple with only two buttons on the control surface. 
Wind cord around perimeter of unit, pulling cord tight.
Snap probe handle into slot at upper right corner.
Unit is ready for convenient storage.

Total System Accuracy (Instrument & probe)
   0.9 F ( 0.5 C)
Temperature Range
    -100 to 500F (-73 to 260C)
Resolution 0.1
Battery Type/Life Two AAA 1800 Hours
    Instrument - 5 years Probe - 1 year
Housing Extruded Aluminum Certifications
CE Marking - ISO 9002 RoHS Compliant
NSF certification included NIST Traceable - Never Needs Recalibration
Turns off after 10 minutes of non-use Fahrenheit/Celsius 'Switchable'

Probe and Tip Options: please specify probe type when ordering by selecting order button above.  Probes are an integral and permanent part of the thermometer package.  All units are special order.


Product Sheet


High Accuracy AquaTuff Thermometer
MicroNeedle Tip

(List Price $351.20)

 High Accuracy AquaTuff Thermometer
DuraNeedle Tip

(List Price $351.20)
AquaTuff PLUS High Accuracy with Integral Wrap Cord Probe
The PLUS is identical in all specifications to the regular AquaTuff except for LED backlighting and Hold Function

PLUS Features

All AquaTuff features (see above), plus

Hold Function

Product Sheet


High Accuracy AquaTuff PLUS Thermometer
MicroNeedle Tip


High Accuracy AquaTuff PLUS Thermometer
DuraNeedle Tip


NEW Super Accurate Digital Thermometer

This remarkable digital thermometer is actually not based on thermocouple technology.  It uses high accuracy RTD sensor probes that are fitted individually to the base unit.  Each unit is certificated to ISO certified lab standards and documentation of NIST traceability is provided.

This is the unit you would use to perform all calibration checks necessary in an operation.  If you have this unit, you do not have to send your temperature measuring units out for lab certification.  As long as your own certificate is no older than one year, you are operating on the same basis as a certified lab.

Temperatures are reported to three decimal places for both C and F readings.
An option that is provided with this unit is the capability to operate it as a temperature logger.  Call us to ask about the pricing and availability of the logging kit.  The port in the side of the unit is designed to connect to a PC computer serial port and send logged temperature data to a spreadsheet.

The cable and software logging kit is a separate purchase and is NOT included with the unit as priced here.  Call us for pricing and availability.
Almost instantaneous response time with the RTD probe of this unit.

You must select the type of probe to be matched to your unit.  There are three options currently available.  The Needle Tip is standard order, the Surface Probe and Air Probe must be special ordered.

Needle Point

Surface Probe
(special order)

Air Probe
(special order)

Click here for detailed view of probes.

Temp. Range:
    -58.0F to 302.0F and --50F to150C
Readings in 0.001 increments
Accuracy: 0.09F, ( 0.05C)
    between 0C and 100C
Readings updated three times a second.
Minimum and Maximum
24 Hour logging capability - captures minimum and maximum readings every hour for 24 hours
Hold and Memory functions
Backlit display
Very fast response
Needle probe 6.25" long,
Accurate requires tip penetration of 1.75"
9V battery (alkaline preferred)

An individually serial numbered certificate to indicate thermometer traceability to standards provided by NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology -- Also conforms to ITS-90, the International Temperature Standard Special order probes cannot be ordered online.  Please call the sales order line at the bottom of the page

Product Sheet

 Super Accurate Thermometer

Unit includes probe as an integral part of the unit.

Includes case with snap clip belt loop.

High Accuracy Platinum RTD Thermometer

Not quite at the same level of accuracy of the Super Accurate (above) but quite capable of serving as a reference standard for a multiple thermometer operation. 

Or, if a rugged unit is needed that provides higher than normal accuracy, this is the unit.  This model has been around for a long time, and users who are familiar with its unique combination of accuracy and durability keep coming back for more units.

The unit has the same wrap cord stowage feature as the AquaTuff units (see illustration above).

You have to try hard to break this cable. This custom fabricated cable is designed for toughest food usage. On the inside are the insulated Copper conductors, followed by a sheath of Kevlar high tensile-strength strands, then an outer layer of Teflon, next a woven metal shielding, then finally a silicone jacket in an FDA-approved food safe formula.  The entry into the probe handle is steel protected and molded in.

0.5F from -76.0F to 199.9F & 1F from 200F to 500F  
Durable inner-woven-metal cable withstands 500F heat and 50 lb pull
Covered switches and housing
O-Ring sealed for water resistance.
500-hour replaceable battery
Low battery alert on LCD.
Stow-away 29'' cable wraps around unit (see illustration above)
Handle strips to hold and protect probe, or snaps into up or down working position Platinum sensor for best long-term stability
4'' long heavy-shank needle probe, stepped down at tip for fastest response with durability
Complete cable, handle and probe usable to 470F. OK in ovens,
Materials FDA approved for food contact
Readable in 0.1 increments up to 199.9
Readable in increments of 1 above 199.9.
Battery included, ready for use

Product Sheet

Platinum Digital Thermometer F range -76.0 to 500F

(List Price $357.60)

Call if you need a Celsius unit.

AQA14057 Economy Carrying Case for the Platinum Digital
(List Price $24.50)

Guide to Thermocouple Thermometer Selection

Select the feature that is most important to your thermometer choice:
Most Important Feature Recommended Product
Low Cost Mini K ∎ Global Sensors DE-305 ∎ EconoTemp
Highly Accurate Reference Standard  Super Accurate Digital ∎ High Accuracy Platinum RTD
"Walk and Write" Temperature Measurement AQA 1720
User Calibration DE-305
Waterproof + Rugged + Highly Accurate in Field Use AquaTuff Series ∎ High Accuracy Platinum RTD
Rapid Response from Unit Super Accurate Digital
Hold Function - Max/Min Super Accurate Digital ∎ DE-305 Global Sensors LC Thermocouple 
Probe Matched to Unit AquaTuff Series ∎ High Accuracy Platinum RTD ∎ Super Accurate Digital
Highly Portable Mini K
Integral Probe with "Cord Wrap" AquaTuff High Accuracy Series ∎ High Accuracy Platinum RTD
Includes Plug in Probe Super Accurate DigitalDE-305(as option)
Slam a Cable in a Refrigerator Door?  High Accuracy Platinum RTD 

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