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 The wireless technology growth has been undeniably phenomenal over the last few years and is finding its way into more and more routine forms of communication such as data logging.

The Verigo Pod is an ideal solution as it provides accurate information while reducing costs and the hassle of wired installations.

Simply download the Verigo Mobile App on your iOS device, synchronize each Pod with your smartphone and you now have access in real-time to temperature data on each Pod located up to 40 meters (130 feet). Detailed information such as full data graphs and excursion alerts can be easily visualized from your phone or tablet. The apps SHARE function can be used to email PDF and CSV files. In addition, all data is stored in the cloud using Verigos secure Web App allowing users to search all Pod data, view location points and generate PDF and CSV files.

Users can configure their Pod with a specific name or barcode number, set temperature thresholds and adjust logging intervals. LED indicators on the unit show the operation and alarm status.   

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Model PBO

Device with iOS 7+
Verigo Mobile App



Verigo Pod  - PBO Model: $99.00
Temperature Logger
Quantity discounts are available. Call us at 704-827-4331 

Specifications  Product Sheet
Temperature Range  -20C to +60C  (-4F to +140F)             
Temperature Resolution  0.01C  |  0.018F
Temperature Accuracy 0.4C (-10C to 60C)        |  0.72F (14F- to +140F) 
0.6C (-20C to < -10C)   |  1.1F (-4F to <14F)
Temperature Sensor Response Time T90 of less than 20 minutes in still air (<0.1m/s)
Indicator Light Green LED = Operation Status  | Red LED = Alarm Status
Transmission Range Up to 40 meters (130 feet)
Memory 40,000 data points (temperature)
40,000 data points (RH)
Time Accuracy      Average 60 Seconds per Month or better
Logging Interval User configurable
Battery Type and Life  Primary Lithium-ion (non-rechargeable)
Case Material ABS
Case Dimensions & Weight 97 x 43 x 13mm |  3.8 x 1.7 x 0.5 in.  |  30 grams  |   1.06 oz.
Shelf Life 7 years
Compliance CFR Title 21 and  2011/65/EU
Certifications  FCC   | CE  |  Industry Canada
RoHS Meets all international standards for compliance - documents available

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