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Temperature and Humidity Monitor in Charlotte, North CarolinaThe market for temperature monitoring products has become more competitive as technology has improved. There may a lot of noise on the market, but our team at Global Sensors will be able to spot the best solution for your data tracking and recording goals. That’s because we’re professionals in sensor technology, food safety, and transit temperature monitoring, so you can trust our recommendations when it comes to the safety and quality control operations in your business.

If you’re looking for a temperature and humidity monitor, for example, it can be challenging to distinguish between the features and functionality of various models and brands available on the market. Finding the best product is our commitment to you. We stand behind our rigorous selection process for inventory, but if you need a temperature and humidity monitor that we don’t carry, we’ll track down the right model for your needs.

Our online inventory showcases the best of the international market for temperature instruments. You can shop directly from our catalog of products (from data loggers, temperature and humidity monitors, to sensors), and we’ll ship your order to you from our 5,000-square-foot facility.

Our team is always available to provide expert support, including installation and routine calibration services for all of our products. Give us a call today! We’re happy to assist you with all of your temperature monitoring needs in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At Global Sensors, our temperature and humidity monitors are available throughout the United States, including Charlotte, Belmont, and Gastonia, North Carolina; New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Dearborn, Michigan. We also serve Canada, including Toronto, Ontario; France, including Paris; Egypt, including Cairo; as well as the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Nepal, Yemen, Ghana, Mozambique, Malaysia, Angola, Peru, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Poland, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Sudan, Algeria, Argentina, Uganda, Spain, Colombia, South Korea, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, Tanzania, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam, Philippines, Ethiopia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and China.