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Smart Systems for Your Cold Storage Facility

Temperature and Humidity MonitorInnovations in cold storage technology have come a long way. Humanity has been using cold storage techniques for possibly thousands of years, although the primitive methods of collecting ice blocks for use in cold-houses have evolved considerably. Today, it is more commercially viable than ever to use cold storage to extend the shelf life of perishable goods and keep products fresh during transport around the world.

At Global Sensors, we provide state-of-the-art temperature and humidity monitor systems for cold storage facilities. To ensure optimal cold storage conditions for your product, it is essential to have a monitor that records and monitors conditions continuously to effectively determine discrepancies when they happen, as well as track changes over time.

We will come to your facility to perform a temperature mapping study to determine the number of sensors required for your facility and their optimal placement for the most accurate readings. Having a sensor placed next to the door may seem most convenient, but as humidity levels and temperature can fluctuate every time the door is opened, this placement is not ideal.

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Our smart systems include remote sensors for real-time data collection that can be accessed wirelessly by any device with an internet connection, offering accurate readings for quality control in your facility. Our available temperature and humidity monitor models include thermocouple and RTD input, single-channel, and multi-channel, with or without a display.

A temperature and humidity monitor can collect data overtime to monitor trends over time, allowing facility managers to adjust storage conditions for optimum safety and quality control, and use data for product safety audits. Call us today at Global Sensors to schedule your temperature mapping study today!

At Global Sensors, our temperature and humidity monitors are available throughout the United States, including Charlotte, Belmont, and Gastonia, North Carolina; New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Dearborn, Michigan. We also serve Canada, including Toronto, Ontario; France, including Paris; Egypt, including Cairo; as well as the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Nepal, Yemen, Ghana, Mozambique, Malaysia, Angola, Peru, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Poland, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Sudan, Algeria, Argentina, Uganda, Spain, Colombia, South Korea, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, Tanzania, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam, Philippines, Ethiopia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and China.


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