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3M Cooking Oil Test Strips

Cooking Oil Doesn’t Last Forever

3M Cooking Oil Test StripsCooking in hot oil is the most universal method for frying food worldwide, either in restaurants or commercial food production Oil goes bad before you can tell just by looking, so you need to test.

Our strips allow you to get optimal performance from your cooking oils without taking the chance of using spent or bad oil. Test either animal or vegetable cooking oils Color-change dip strips show degree of oil breakdown Normal level and low range test strips available Chart included Managers set the standards for your employees to follow. When you’re ready to change your oil, dip a strip & keep for employees to compare with future strips. When their strip’s color change matches your original strip, it’s time to change the oil.

Each kit consists of a supply of the test strips ready to use, and a comparison chart that can be used to evaluate the color response of the strips.