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Platinum Digital Thermometer with Integral Probe

Platinum RTD Digital  Thermometer

Platinum Digital Thermometer with Integral ProbeDigital thermometers with higher accuracy usually suffer from being a bit fragile for going into the work area and being used on a regular basis.  This time tested instrument is well suited for field measurements and also uses a high accuracy thin film RTD sensor that is extremely stable.  That means that there will be years of service with the calibration holding within tolerance.

Higher accuracy is gained by using an integral probe.  The probe and the instrument are matched, so each is individually calibrated.  Calibration is traceable to NIST standards.

Field utility of this instrument is enhanced by the “wrap around” design.  The illustration at left shows the probe and cable extended for use.  The cable wraps around the unit in a specially designed groove and the probe handle snaps in place.


Product Specifications

Accuracy ±0.5F° from -76.0°F to 199.9°F & ±1°F from 200°F to 500°F
Cable Durable inner-woven-metal cable withstands 500°F heat and 50 lb pull
Waterproof Feature Covered switches and housing
Waterproof Feature O-Ring sealed for water resistance.
Battery 500-hour replaceable battery (9VDC — 1000 hours with Lithium 9VDC)
Display Low battery alert on LCD.
Cable Stowage Stow-away 29” cable wraps around unit (see illustration above)
General Advantages Handle strips to hold and protect probe, or snaps into up or down working position Platinum sensor for best long-term stability
Probe Handle 4” long heavy-shank needle probe, stepped down at tip for fastest response with durability


Temperature Resistance of Probe Lead and Body Complete cable, handle and probe usable to 470°F. OK in ovens
Food Safe Materials FDA approved for food contact  (G.R.A.S.).


Display Resolution Readable in 0.1° increments up to 199.9°

Readable in increments of 1° above 199.9.