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Time Cook Thermometer

Perfect “Done-ness” with Time Cook Monitor

Time Cook ThermometerOur digital “time-at-temperature” cooking thermometer allows you to control cooking by time, temperature or both.

This unit automates the process to assure better cooking and safety.  It monitors core temperatures of meats, casseroles, soups, formulas, etc. during heat-up process.

At the target temperature, the alarm sounds or waits for a predetermined time.  When meat is done, you know—set for rare, medium or well done.

Temperature alarm may be set in 1º increments. A five-minute alarm sounds continuously when temperature rises above alarm set point. Alarm continues for 5 seconds every minute until switched off or temperature falls below set point. Timer counts down from 24 hours and may be set in 1-minute increments. When zero is reached, a 1-minute alarm sounds, “Time’s Up” flashes, and timer begins counting up. For repetitive times, a memory recalls previous setting. Intuitive controls are front-mounted.