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Finding the Most Reliable Vaccine Temperature Monitor

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At Global Sensors, we understand that the way you monitor temperature and humidity greatly affects your products, and ultimately your bottom line. If you manufacture and/or distribute vaccines, then you know their efficacy is critical to those who may be receiving life-saving treatment. That’s why we offer vaccine temperature monitors that give our clients confidence their vaccines are being monitored reliably during transit.

Finding the Most Reliable Vaccine Temperature Monitor

You may be wondering how to choose the most reliable vaccine temperature monitor, since there are several different options on the market. Here are some guidelines to follow:

1.   Safety Features – The CDC recommends a vaccine temperature monitor that has a thermal-buffered detachable probe, low battery indicator, and alarm for temperature variations.

2.   Information Log Access – Depending on the application, simple vaccine temperature monitors will provide access to their data log via a USB connection. If you need to be able to see temperature readings more frequently, you’ll want a vaccine temperature monitor that offers Wi-Fi access so that the data is available readily on any internet-capable device.

3.   Cold Storage Type – Determine the right vaccine temperature monitor based on the conditions at which the vaccines must be kept for safety. For example, some vaccines simply need to be refrigerated, while others may need ultra-low cold storage or to be frozen. There are different monitors for each application, so choosing the right one for your specific application will be important for the most accurate data.

Are you looking for a vaccine temperature monitor that will help you ensure the efficacy of your vaccines? Our team can help you choose the best one for your application. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.