How Often Does Your Equipment Need Temperature Calibration?

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How Often Does Your Equipment Need Temperature Calibration?If your business operations rely on temperature and humidity sensors to ensure that your temperature-sensitive products remain safe, then you also know you need accurate information every time you collect a reading. In order to achieve the best results from sensors, it’s important to schedule temperature calibration with regularity. Here are some important considerations for determining how often your equipment might need temperature calibration:

  • Recalibrate Between Batches- Even if you use the same manufacturer for all of your temperature sensors, there can sometimes be minute differences in the calibration time between the different batches. If you’re operating using multiple sensors from different batch purchases, you’ll want to keep track of when you purchased each batch of sensors to better know when you’ll want to schedule temperature calibration.
  • Routine Calibration is Better Than Guessing- While a manufacturer may not offer recommended temperature calibration schedules, it’s important to keep track of when the sensors have been calibrated. For example, if you have a new batch of sensors, it is likely that they were calibrated prior to shipment to your facility. If your sensors are six months to a year old, however, temperature calibration would be a recommended step to keep them in their best working order.
  • Age Plays a Factor- Like any equipment that gets regular use, temperature and humidity sensors will eventually become less accurate due to wear and tear. You’ll want to make sure to replace your sensors as often as needed to ensure the accuracy of the data they provide.

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