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Low Temperature Monitoring Kits

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Transporting and storing goods is a complicated process, and there are many factors that you’ll need to consider. One of those factors is how to keep goods such as food and medicine properly refrigerated. Low temperature monitoring is an essential part of any effective shipping or storage operation, and our team at Global Sensors is here to provide the low temperature monitoring kits you need.

Low Temperature Monitoring Kits

We offer a wide range of options to help you prevent your inventory from spoiling and remain compliant with the relevant regulations.


  • Sensors – Our team offers high-quality sensors to help you track the temperature of your storage facility or shipments. You can find devices from top brands such as LogTag, Temprecord, and T&D, each of which offers a variety of options.
  • Loggers – We also offer data loggers, which detect the temperature within your facility and record that data for you. These devices automatically track your data and alert you to any sudden spikes in temperature, allowing you to correct the issue before your shipment is put at risk. In addition, because data loggers track data over time, they provide valuable information on patterns and trends that you can then use to improve your operation, and we highly recommend them for your low temperature monitoring needs.
  • Wireless Loggers – Another product we offer as part of our low temperature monitoring kits is wireless data loggers. As the name suggests, these loggers don’t just store their recorded data locally, but upload it to the cloud via a wireless connection. This allows you to check each sensor’s readings from your phone, tablet, or other device, from any location.