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The Importance of Reliable Sensors in the Pharmaceutical Industry [infographic]

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Most people are familiar with the pharmaceuticals that come in pill or capsule form and are safely stored on the shelf. However, there are many drugs that must be kept at a cooler temperature to keep them from becoming ineffective or even dangerous. If you are a company that makes pharmaceuticals or a pharmacy that sells to the public, you must have reliable sensors to alert you if the stability of refrigerated drugs is at risk.


Since vaccines, insulins, and other medications vary in their acceptable duration of non-refrigerated conditions, it may be helpful to store similar drugs together so you know how to proceed if there has been a power outage, refrigeration malfunction, or other problem. The same holds true for ingredients that must be kept at a recommended storage temperature to retain effectiveness and be safe for patients. In some cases, medical equipment must also be kept within a certain temperature range to comply with FDA requirements.

The Importance of Reliable Sensors in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sensors can also be used during the transportation of temperature-sensitive medications, including those that may not need refrigeration but wouldn’t do well if left in hot conditions for too long. If you are a pharmaceutical company, pharmacy, or transportation company that deals with medications and you would like to know more about reliable sensors, give us a call at Global Sensors. Since 2004, we have provided the world with sensors, monitors, data loggers, thermometers, and recorders for food safety and medication safe handling. Call today to learn more about any of our products for temperature and humidity monitoring.