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We at Global Sensors have extensive experience in providing temperature and humidity monitoring solutions. Our team understands the importance of monitoring the heat and moisture levels in your storage facilities, transport trucks, and shipping containers in order to make sure your products arrive intact and in sellable condition.

Turn to Us for All Your Dry Ice Temperature Monitoring Needs

We also know different applications have different temperature parameters they must stay within—for example, vaccines must be kept extremely cold to remain effective. (The coronavirus vaccine, for instance, needs to be stored at temperatures of -94 F or below.) For these applications, standard freezers won’t cut it, and dry ice freezing is used instead. Our team has the right experience to provide effective, reliable dry ice temperature monitoring solutions to make sure your products stay properly cold in transit.

  • What is dry ice? – For those who don’t know, dry ice is not frozen water, but rather frozen carbon dioxide. It gets its name from the fact that instead of melting into a liquid, dry ice goes straight from a solid to a gas. Dry ice is important for deep freezing and ultra-low temperature storage and transport because it gets much colder than water ice.
  • Why do I need special dry ice temperature monitoring tech? – Because dry ice freezers are so much colder than standard freezers, the temperature monitoring sensors you would use in standard freezers will not work, as they are not properly calibrated to the lower temperatures. Our dry ice temperature monitoring hardware is specifically engineered to provide accurate readings in this particular environment.