Why is There a Humidity Sensor in the Beer Case?

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Some people find themselves asking questions that few others even notice. If you are that type, you may have noticed a humidity sensor in the beer case at your local grocery or convenience store and wondered why it’s there. After all, isn’t it just important for your brew to be icy cold? While the temperature is important and there is probably a sensor for that, too, a humidity sensor is there to ensure that the humidity doesn’t rise to the point that it adversely affects the cartons holding your favorite beverage.

Why is There a Humidity Sensor in the Beer Case?

It would not make you or the store happy if you pulled a six-pack of bottles out of the case and the package was soggy enough to fail and the bottles crashed to the floor. Even cans rolling all over the floor isn’t a pleasant experience and can leave the store wondering how to sell something that no longer has packaging. Cardboard doesn’t perform well under high humidity conditions, so it is important to cool the case without increasing the humidity to a level that will cause a problem. A humidity sensor lets them see that all is well and that your purchase will go just fine.

Another problem with uncontrolled humidity is that condensation can form on the doors, making it difficult to see what is inside. This will result in you opening several doors in search of your favorite beverage, which makes their utility costs go up.

A humidity sensor is used in more than beer cases. You’ll also find them in cold wine storage cases because the lack of humidity causes the corks to dry out. Soda cases can also benefit. Another reason for a humidity sensor is to protect the equipment because low humidity can adversely affect the door gaskets.

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