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Why Vaccine Temperature Monitoring is Essential

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Why Vaccine Temperature Monitoring is Essential

We at Global Sensors specialize in providing high-quality temperature and humidity sensors for a wide variety of industries and, particularly, for the pharmaceutical industry. Medications are made of complex chemical structures that can come apart if the temperature exceeds certain limits, and this is of particular concern for vaccines, whose molecular structure is very delicate. To help you ensure that your vaccines remain stable during transit—and that they will be safe and effective to use once they arrive at their destination—our team offers top-notch sensors designed specifically for vaccine temperature monitoring. In this article, we will provide a more in-depth look at why vaccine temperature monitoring is so important.

•  Cold Chain. Vaccines must be kept properly refrigerated from the time they are manufactured to the time that they are administered to a patient and through every step along the way. The transportation of vaccines from the manufacturer to the patient is referred to as the cold chain, and it is critically important that every transportation vehicle and storage facility be properly equipped to keep the vaccines within acceptable temperature limits. This is one reason why vaccine temperature monitoring is so important, as it allows those involved to detect when the temperatures may be negatively affecting the efficacy of the vaccines.

•  Vaccine Potency. As we alluded to above, the chemical structure of vaccines is delicate, and the molecules and proteins can come apart if they are exposed to high temperatures. Each time the temperature of the vaccine rises above safe limits, the vaccine will lose potency and become less effective. In addition, the molecules in some vaccines can also be damaged if the liquid freezes, which means that vaccine temperature monitoring is necessary to make sure that the temperature doesn’t become too high or too low.