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We work closely with health care companies and manufacturers to provide dry ice temperature monitoring systems.

Transporting vaccines is often a challenge, but it’s something that must be done to distribute important medications and treatments to people located across the globe. One of the biggest challenges associated with vaccine transporting is maintaining a proper temperature for all the products being transported. Even a fluctuation by a single degree could have disastrous effects on the medication, causing its potency or efficacy to drop. Once the temperature changes, the medication can’t be restored to its previous state, so it has to be thrown away.

Dry Ice Temperature Monitoring in Afghanistan

Monitoring temperatures throughout the transportation process is a must. Those responsible for vaccine transportation must also have access to the necessary products. Many people rely on dry ice to maintain a proper temperature from the moment the drugs leave the facility to the moment they are placed in a refrigerator or freezer at their destination. Dry ice temperature monitoring systems are effective and accurate, making them a top choice for assessing and transporting blood products, vaccines, medical samples, biological products, and other tissues and specimens.

At Global Sensors, we work closely with healthcare companies and manufacturers to provide dry ice temperature monitoring systems and other solutions for temperature and humidity monitoring. We offer these products and many other products to customers located around the world, including in Afghanistan. Our company has been serving those in the industry since 2004, so you can be sure that any dry ice temperature monitoring system we recommend will comply with the regulations and guidelines around storing and transporting medical and pharmaceutical products.


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