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Dry ice temperature monitoring is a critical part of a successful cold transportation effort, and we can help.

Generally, permanent cold storage facilities work reliably and have built-in systems to alert you when a temperature or humidity level goes out of the preferred range. The most tenuous part of the entire cold chain is during transportation between facilities. Dry ice is a common method of maintaining low temperatures enroute, but it can be challenging to make sure that the proper amount of dry ice is being utilized, and that is where dry ice temperature monitoring can be extremely useful.

Dry Ice Temperature Monitoring in United States

At Global Sensors, we can help you achieve proper dry ice temperature monitoring with data loggers and other customized solutions depending on your needs and budget. We have been helping match businesses with cold storage monitoring solutions since 2004. We are based in the United States but can easily and quickly ship products worldwide as needed.

When you contact us to discuss your needs for dry ice temperature monitoring, we will discuss your operation and help develop a customized solution. Maybe you just need basic units that produce PDF reports to assure everyone that the cold storage chain has been maintained. Or maybe you need wi-fi enabled units allowing you to check on the status of your units from anywhere at any time. Our dry ice temperature monitoring equipment can be used in trucks, train cars, and other transportation methods. They can be used to monitor the cold storage status of blood products, vaccines, organs, tissues, other biological products, or any other products you need to transport. Contact us today to discuss your needs for dry ice temperature monitoring or any other cold storage monitoring needs.

At Global Sensors, our dry ice temperature monitoring products are available throughout the United States, including Charlotte, Belmont, and Gastonia, North Carolina; New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Dearborn, Michigan. We also serve Canada, including Toronto, Ontario; France, including Paris; Egypt, including Cairo; as well as the United Kingdom, Nepal, Ghana, Mozambique, Malaysia, Angola, Peru, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Poland, Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Uganda, Spain, Colombia, South Korea, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, Tanzania, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines, Ethiopia, Japan, Mexico, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and China.