Dry Ice Temperature Monitoring

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Reduce the stress of shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, you’ve likely spent time figuring out transportation for certain products and medical supplies that require freezing temperatures. Dry ice is a great option for this, but it can still be stressful to consider the possible temperature fluctuations in transit. Here at Global Sensors, we understand the importance of maintaining specific temperature ranges for such delicate pharmaceuticals. That’s why we offer various options for dry ice temperature monitoring systems.

Dry Ice Temperature Monitoring

Dry ice temperature monitoring can be used to monitor any pharmaceutical product that requires transportation, including plasma, medical samples, organs, or other specimens and tissues. The monitoring system can track the temperature in the vehicle as well as that of the pharmaceutical product throughout transit, so you can rest assured that the temperature did not drop or rise beyond the safe range. We offer basic dry ice temperature monitoring units that can provide PDF reports of the temperature data via USB connection or more complex units that can provide constant monitoring from any device via Wi-Fi connection.

Whether you need to transport vaccines or organs, we can help you find a dry ice temperature monitoring system that is right for your needs and budget. You can also rest assured that all our systems are compliant with any CDC guidelines and recommendations, so you’ll never have to take any unnecessary risks when it comes to shipping such significant yet sensitive pharmaceutical products.

The last thing you want is to deliver a medication or vaccine that is no longer effective or safe for the patient. Skip the stress of not knowing whether your pharmaceutical products were transported with the exact temperature range they need to maintain their quality. Just give us a call today to see which dry ice temperature monitoring system would work best for you.

At Global Sensors, our dry ice temperature monitoring products are available throughout the United States, including Charlotte, Belmont, and Gastonia, North Carolina; New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Dearborn, Michigan. We also serve Canada, including Toronto, Ontario; France, including Paris; Egypt, including Cairo; as well as the United Kingdom, Nepal, Ghana, Mozambique, Malaysia, Angola, Peru, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Poland, Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Uganda, Spain, Colombia, South Korea, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, Tanzania, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines, Ethiopia, Japan, Mexico, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and China.