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EconoTemp Thermocouple Thermometer

Affordable Quality in a  Thermocouple Thermometer

EconoTemp Thermocouple Thermometer
If you desire a thermocouple thermometer with a “made in USA” sticker that will work well and cost about the same as an imported unit, then this is the instrument for you.

This is a time tested design with much to recommend it.  The body is made of extremely resilient plastic that will take a lot of abuse.

The ribbed edges to the case “boot cover”make it easy to hold in a food processing environment, and the controls are bone simple.  On/Off and °C/°F.  Not a moment lost to training personnel to use this one.

The display is easy to read, and it comes with a handy lanyard for carrying or storage on a hook.


Product Specifications

Temperature Range -40°F to 500°F (-40°C to 260°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±2°F accuracy (±1°C)
Power Source Uses 3 AAA Alkaline Cells 1500 hours; 10 minute “auto off” to preserve battery life
Response Time Rapid update (2 readings per second) Porbe response is determined by probe choice
Construction Water resistant case and keypad

Housing Shock resistant ABS with rubber boot (boot is removable)

Readings Reads Fahrenheit or Celsius (0.1° Resolution)
Display Features Large 3.5 inch by 0.4 inch LCD display
Display Detail Accepts any K-type thermocouple probe
Certifications CE Marking – NSF Listing
Weight (0.38 pounds [172 grams])
Sampling Rate 5 year Warranty (body of thermometer only)