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Global Sensors Infrared-ILC Thermometer

Rapidly becoming a “point and shoot” standard

Global Sensors Infrared-ILC Thermometer
Laser thermometers are becoming the standard tool for accurate and rapid temperature measurement in the food industry.  The ILC is a state-of-the-art laser gun that pinpoints temperatures and gives a large, rapid, easy to read indication.

Just point and pull the trigger.  Scan the surface with the laser dot.  The temperature is “held” for 15 seconds after the button is released.  The display is large enough to be read in less than the best light conditions.

Many type of these IR guns have a short range.  This one has a 12:1 ratio, which allows for a small target size and reading at a greater distance.

If you have used laser thermometers, you know that a comfortable grip is something that really helps when you are doing a lot of measurement.  The ILC fits comfortably and has non-slip bumps that are just the right size.