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Hand Wash Training Products

Biggest Challenge in Workplace Sanitation Solved!

Hand Wash Training ProductsWe are all concerned with food sanitation, both in food production and in food service.  There is a single “most important” aspect of this topic, and that is handwashing by employees.  It cannot be overemphasized.

The big question is:  how to get the idea across to employees that may have language and understanding difficulties.  The answer is a direct demonstration of the methods used in handwashing.  Words do not get the job done…employees have to SEE the answer.  Our training kits are designed to make that vision very easy to “get”.

The system is based on artificial “dirt and germs” lotion and powder substances that are normally invisible (just like contaminants in the workplace).

Put the invisble stuff on and then wash your hands…then make the invisible stuff visible by using UV light.  UV light makes the contamination simualtion materials glow.  Workers learn firsthand that just running water and adding soap simply doesn’t do it.