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LogTag Dry Ice Temperature Recorder

Ideal Solution to Dry Ice Storage and Shipping Checks

LogTag Dry Ice Temperature RecorderNow the reliable and accurate LogTag formula works at Dry Ice temperatures.  Many applications for the storage and shipment of products require extreme low temperature.  Maintaining these critical temperatures is always a challenge, and one wants to know if proper temperatures were held.

Like other LogTag models, the Dry Ice models excel at performance.  Temperature accuracy is unmatched, providing a “true” ±1.0°C accuracy in the critical recording range.  Most recorders claim this level of performance, but do not hold 100% of their product within those stated limits.  The LogTag Dry Ice logger does.  Its a recording device that with valid performance statistics, and delivers known accuracy as a standard feature.

Choose the external probe model for applications that require separation or the integral sensor model for better economy.


Product Specifications

Temperature Range -90°C to +40°C  (-112°F to +104°F)
Temperature Resolution < 0.1°C for -90°C to 0.0°C,  < 0.2°C for 0.0°C to+20°C,  < 0.5°C for +20°C to+40°C
Temperature Accuracy better than ±1°C for -30°C~ +20°C

better than ±1.2°C for -45°C~ -30°C & +20°C~+40°C

better than ±1.7°C  for -90°C~-45°C

Sensor Response T90 of less than 5 minutes in moving air
Stored Time-Temperature Readings 8032 readings (16K bytes memory)
Time Accuracy Average 20 Seconds per Month
Logging Interval Adjustable, 30 sec to several hours
Battery Type and Life 3V Lithium battery – Three years of use
Size and Weight Dimensions 8.6cm x 5.5cm x 0.86cm (L x W x H) 3³⁄₈” x 2¹⁄₈” x ⁵⁄₁₆” Unit Weight 35 g (0.08 lb. or 1.23 oz.)
Indicator Lights Flashing ‘OK’ indicator | Flashing ‘Alert’ indicator
Case Polycarbonate (Case and face label are G.R.A.S. materials per USDA)
Basic Features Logging start by push button or specific date/time start  Optional clearing of alert indication by push button (places inspection make at same time).
Mark Download inspection mark recorded in LogTag memory every time LogTag is downloaded.
Failsafe feature ‘Prestart’ fail-safe logging (records temperature data even if not started)
Compliance EMC Compliance Tested and complies with EC EMC directives (EN 50081-1:1992 & EN 61000-6-1:2001)  EN12830 Compliance Tested and complies to EN12830:1999 for transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep frozen, quick-frozen food and others.  WHO Compliance Approved by the World Health Organization authorities.