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LogTag Product Line Overview

LogTag is a World Standard for Accuracy and Quality

LogTag Product Line Overview
If you do the research, you will find hundreds of loggers are being offered by thousands of vendors.  Most of these products are pretty much the same…a box with electronic components, a communications link, and some type of fundamental software thrown in.

LogTag is NOT that type of logger.  It is a highly engineered instrument completely integrated with a state of the art software system.  It takes good data (accurate information) and a good way to process that data (software with essential features) to get good results.

LogTag delivers.

So, with the advantages that this product offers, you might guess that it is quite expensive.  Not so.  We like to think of LogTag as “affordable high quality”.  Our customers agree, and we are sure that you will, as well.

LogTag, for just about any logging application…

LogTag Basics

LogTag units share two LED alerts on the face of the unit.  The OK light signifies that the unit is running, and the alert light blinks if a preset alarm condition occurs.

The “Start-Mark” button is unique.  Press and hold to start the unit (the OK light will signal when this process is done.  Any subsequent push of the button “marks” the stored data record with a time stamp.  When data is later downloaded, this mark can be used to separate out data segments or simple show that an event occurred at that time.

The through-case hole in the upper right corner of the unit is handy for hanging the logger in locations where it cannot be fixed to surface or placed in a container.

At any time during a logging session, the LogTag can be placed in the interface cradle.  This action triggers software startup…the display will immediately show a graph of the data to that point.  Alarm limits appear on the graph as easy to see color zones.  List data is presented with summaries, data analysis and a long list of optional features.

Data can be set up with software to immediately upload to an FTP site or be set up to be emailed to a designated party.  This way, data distribution or data forwarding is simplified to a single step: place the logger in the interface cradle.

For pharmaceutical users, data access can be secured by password protection, supervisory control and audit functions.  Users can receive levels of data access privileges.  All of the necessary features for users to comply with the US Food and Drug Administration’s “21 CFR Part 11” requirements for digital files are part of the LogTag package.

Software Features

  • One screen setup for programming a logger … repeat same features on multiple units
  • Log start delay (or wake up on specific date at specific time
  • Password option
  • Automatic production of PDF Summary File
  • Automated FTP and Email launch on logger insertion
  • Network installation and administrative software module option
  • Zoom to new sub graph
  • Complete control of display colors, text, list method and format
  • Save selected data to new separate file
  • Display of “marks” and segregation of data based on them
  • Configure logger to perform continuous logging with data “window”
  • Computation of Mean Kinetic Temperature with control of parameters
  • Change the appearance of any graph with full customization control
  • Set alarms as absolute or with flexible limits
  • Set alarms as cumulative or single event type
  • Save pre-determined  configurations to separate file…update other software/computer locations
  • Prestart data logging data recovery (data prior to start or if start was not performed
  • Export to Excel® spreadsheet
  • Multiple LogTag data sets can be displayed on a single graph
  • Multiple interfaces can be addressed for mass downloading

A  comprehensive user guide for logger software is available.  All drivers for the USB interface are Windows® registered for easy installation on any computer system.  Global Sensors lists trial logger files at www.global-sensors.com for a “test drive” with a free download of the latest software package.