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Long Distance Dual Function Infrared Thermometer

The Power of Long Distance

Long Distance Reading IR Gun w/ Dual Function
We supply all types of IR guns and devices.  One thing we hear quite frequently is “is there an instrument that I can use from across the room”.  The answer for that is NO for most instruments, but here is one that answers yes and is a very high quality device.

Not only is this unit a high quality unit for IR measurement, it also has dual sensor capability.  Just select the type of K-thermocouple probe and plug it into the unit.  The display will read out the probe information and compare it with the IR measurement.  This is extremely valuable for setting up an IR temperature measurement program, as the IR measurement is the skin temperature and the probe goes into the body of the product.

Since there is a relationship between the skin temperature and the core temperature, one can set up an expectation of what the acceptance criterion for skin temperature will be…then you can go with high speed, long distance IR monitoring of temps in your operation.


Product Specifications

Measurement Range -60°C to +625°C  (-76°F to +1157°F)
Operating Range +32°F to +122°F (0 to +50°C) [unit range]
Accuracy  ±1.0°C ( ±1.8°F) with target at low; unit at room temperature
Full Range Accuracy ±2%,2°C
Resolution 0.1°F/0.1°C
Distance Ratio 16:1
Emissivity  0.1 to 1 in 0.01 steps
Update Frequency 1.4Hz
Wave Length  8  μm-14  μm
Thermocouple Probe K type
Measurement Range of Probe  +64°C to +1400°C (-83.2°F to +1999°F )
Accuracy of Thermocouple Probe  ±1°C,  ±1% [extended range]
Modes –               Average
–               Difference (compares IR and probe)
–               High/Low (visible and audible alarm)
–               Alarm (on or off)
–               Max/Min (view with button push + capture function)
–               HOLD (holds current measurement)
Power Supply  2 AAA (Alkaline) Battery Life: 140-180 hours
Display Amber Backlit
Response Time T90 = 1sec