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Low Cost Digital Thermometer

What’s so special about this thermometer?

Low Cost Digital ThermometerThere are many digital thermometers for purchase everywhere. This one is special for 3 important reasons: (1) it costs less than almost every digital thermometer you can find, (2) it is so easy to use with shirt pocket portability, and (3) it is accurate enough for day-to-day food service and industrial purposes.

Most users of digital thermometers do not need “bells and whistles”. They just need to get a temperature and that is it. The special AQA1264 thermometer from Global Sensors does this job very well.

The range is greater than most thermometers in this size, features and price range. You can check a freezer temperature and then check a cooking vat or pot without worrying about range errors.

Replacing the battery is simple. Use a coin to open the case compartment; pop out the coin cell and replace.


Product Specifications

Temperature Range -50°C to +150°C  (-58°F to +302°F)  °C/°F switchable on display
Accuracy Temperature ±1°C (±1.9°F)
Response Time 10 seconds
Functions On/Off and °C/°F switch
Sample Interval 1 second up to 5 hours
Shaft Length 130mm (5 inches) Shaft Diameter 3.2mm (0.125 inches) Stainless Steel
Sleeve Protector Shirt pocket clip and hole for insertion when used as a hot liquid handle
Battery Coin cell 1.5 VDC, user replaceable (A75)