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Portable Inspection UV Lamp

Forensics in the Food Prep Area

Portable UV Inspection LampAnyone who watches TV these days cannot avoid those scence where crime investigators use UV lamps to reveal hidden traces of blood or human activity.  This is because certain biological chemicals have a UV “signature”.

The same type of science is very applicable to sanitation in the food storage and preparation industries.  But…you need to have the right type of lamp.  Our Portable UV Inspection Lamp has sufficient output and the proper wavelengths to detect evidence of vermin, insect pest traces, food residue in food preparation areas and other specific targets.

There are a lot of lamps out there that have weak UV output.  Don’t make the mistake of  not getting the correct type of lamp.  Our lamp does the job.

You can also use this lamp as a teaching tool.  By using our Glitterbug Potion and Powder, you can show workers how to properly cleanse their hands.  Any traces on the hands glow when UV is shined on less-than-fully-scrubbed hands.