Time-at-Temp. Digital Thermometer with Glycerol Bottle

Important Message in a Bottle

Time-at-Temp. Digital Thermometer with Glycerol Bottle
This unit is now THE standard in refrigerator thermometers.  It can be deployed outside the refrigeration unit, and the glycerol bottle sensor is inside.  The sensor wire is detachable, so if desired, it can be put through a hole in the refrigerator wall.  Or, since the cord is durable, one can just close the door on the wire and mount the display on the outside.

Years of refinement have settled on the best features, and this unit has the essential ones: audible alarm, max/min memory and display and  known accuracy attested by calibration documentation to international standards.

This versatile freezer / refrigerator remote probe digital thermometer has just the right features, and costs less than more technical temperature monitors.

The Min/Max audible alarm sounds for 12 hours, so if you had an overnight problem, you will know first thing in the morning.

Use to monitor ice bath temperatures during chill-down, or to track the progress of water bath thaw. Or just simply use it as an equipment monitor with alarm.


Product Specifications

Sensor LocationsReads at box or remotely Two sensors: local (at instrument) is off when remote cable is attached
Range -58° to 158°F switch to -50° to 70°C
LCD Display1/2” digit height
Accuracy1°F or °C 1°F or °C
Memory FunctionRecords Max/Min Data
AlarmsHigh/Low Alarms locks at 1° increments
Dispaly FeaturesCurrent Temp–Max. Temp. and Min Temp
SensorInside of glycerol filled bottle to simulate product response to temperature variations
ProbeRemote 10′ cable fitted with utility tip; cable is coated with durable, washable plastic
SecurityNo “off” switch
MountingStand and wall mount included
Size, Weight2 3/4 ” x 4 1/4 ” x 3/4 ”, 4 oz
BatteryOne year battery life