3 Uses for Infrared Thermometers

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The use of high-tech gadgets in business and other industries is nothing new, but once in awhile a great product pops up that makes us wonder where our business would be without it! For many businesses, such as cold-storage, cold-transport, pharmaceuticals and more, infrared thermometers are some of the best tools out there today. Here at Global Sensors, we enjoy matching businesses up with infrared thermometers that will best suit their needs. Here are a few uses for you to consider when you are looking at infrared thermometers.

3 Uses for Infrared Thermometers

1.  Testing food safety from a distance- Caterers and other food services can use infrared thermometers to ensure that their food is safe to eat without the need to go to each dish and use a digital thermometer. Instead, you can look at the information that is given to you with infrared thermometers and work from there.

2.  Home energy audits- If your HVAC bills are high, you might want to use an HVAC company that will perform a home energy audit with the use of infrared thermometers. With these tools, it is easier to physically see where the warm air is escaping or where cold air is entering. With these tools, homeowners everywhere can make their HVAC systems more energy efficient.

3.  Cold storage- Infrared thermometers are a great way to tell if there are hot spots or issues with your cold storage. Even if the temperature is showing the right readings, infrared thermometers can pick up on small issues or pockets in temperatures.