6 Businesses that Can Benefit from Using a Humidity Monitor

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Here at Global Sensors, one of the products we provide for many businesses is a humidity monitor. Though you may likely notice big changes in the air of your home, you probably don’t keep too close of an eye on the exact humidity level. However, to some businesses, this monitoring process makes a big difference in the safety and quality of their products.

When you need a reliable humidity monitor

  1. Garden nursery – When you have a variety of plants that come from different environments, you must have climate control in order for the plants to thrive
  2. Pharmacy – It is critical that a pharmacy is compliant with medication storage standards in order to ensure that all medications remain safe and effective.
  3. Winery – If a wine cellar gets too dry, the corks shrink, which loosens the seal, allows air in and oxidizes the wine. Too humid of conditions are also a problem as it can lead to mold growth and unpleasant smells in the wine.
  4. Instrument manufacturers and retailers – Most instruments are made of wood. They need to be built and kept in rooms with a humidity monitor to ensure that the wood does not warp, which impacts the tone and timbre as well as the integrity of the instrument.
  5. Storage facilities – With clients needing to store a variety of electronics, antiques, artwork, and more, temperature and humidity monitoring options are a key selling point for a storage facility.
  6. Food banks – To keep food safe for future consumption, a food bank can benefit from monitoring both the humidity and the temperature.

When you need a reliable humidity monitor, we are a trusted and valuable resource. Contact us today to learn more about how a humidity monitor can benefit your business.