High-Temperature Data Logger Products Provide Accurate, Real-Time Data

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The pharmaceutical industry must maintain careful temperature records and data to protect the potency and safety of the products delivered to end users. Cold storage used for pharmaceutical products must be monitored around the clock by high-temperature data logger technology, making sure that the correct temperature is maintained throughout the cold chain supply.

High-Temperature Data Logger Products Provide Accurate, Real-Time Data

The importance of high-temperature data logger technology starts during the manufacturing process, but it continues throughout the life of both vaccines and temperature-sensitive medications. Shipping and transport distribution may be the most crucial period for monitoring, as temperature extremes are more likely in transport vehicles like airplanes and trucks. The facility at the other end of transport may be a pharmacy, a hospital, a doctor’s office, or other medical facility, but whatever it is, it must have proper cold storage available with high-temperature data logger sensors that can send alerts when temperatures leave acceptable parameters.

At Global Sensors, we have years of experience with high-temperature data logger products and can make recommendations about what products may best suit your needs. Automated systems are the most reliable, preferably with real-time data and wireless communication capabilities. We can also discuss the memory requirements you may need for your system components, ways to reduce power usage, and whether battery powered components or wired components best meet your unique needs.

When it comes to validating the pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution, and storage process, there really is no such thing as too much information. You may also want to monitor pressure, relative humidity, and other conditions. We can help you capture and preserve the data you need.