Who Benefits from You Using a Reliable Temp Humidity Data Logger?

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As a shipper of perishable inventory, it goes without saying that you must consistently keep everything at a safe temperature and humidity level. Using a temp humidity data logger ensures you have done your part and gives you the data you need to make sure everything has been kept safe. You can be alerted if something is amiss, so you can resolve it before you lose your shipment and a substantial amount of income in the process. While this is the most important aspect of using a temp humidity data logger, it can be helpful to consider who else down the chain benefits from this practice.

Who Benefits from You Using a Reliable Temp Humidity Data Logger?

The distribution company receiving the inventory will also benefit from you utilizing a temp humidity data logger, and they should also use one as they transport the inventory to the next phase of the transportation line. Their interest isn’t just in proving that the temperature and humidity levels have been consistently maintained, however. They are also focused on the products remaining viable and in the freshest condition possible so that they can get the most money from the sale. Lost product doesn’t only mean lost sales as they also have the expense of disposal to cover.

The wholesale or retail store level is the next in the distribution chain, and while they are interested in monitoring temperature and humidity, they may or may not employ the use of a temp humidity data logger – although that is not a bad idea. If an illness were to occur that was traceable to the product, it is helpful to determine when, where, and if the problem is tied to an unsafe environment. The final phase of the transportation line is the consumer who directly benefits from the safe handling of the perishable product from your hands as the shipper, to the distribution company, and finally to the store. They do not have the advantage of having a temp humidity data logger at their home, so they need to have faith that the food they are eating and giving their family is safe.

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