We stock several types of Handwash training kits and have replacement supplies for various types of visualization methods.  Call us for information on how to set up a Handwash training program and keep it running. 

Product Sheet for Handwash Training Kits
We stock all kinds of Handwash training kits and accessories, including the visualization lotions and powders, different types of UV lamps, etc.

Check out our economy line of hand wash training kits.  Each is less than $100, so you can put a program in place for a minimal investment.  Select link below for more information:

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The core of sanitation is clean hands.  Cleans hands prevents cross contamination and maintains control of a sanitary space or surface.  The problem always has been: "how can I get personnel to understand the principle?"

The answer is visualization.  If employees can see how hand contamination is affected by washing, they will know at a basic level exactly what to do to perform hand washing correctly.


We offer many options for the type of "visualization training" that is so essential to this process.  Here are links to key pages covering our main "kits".

AQA1925-9 AQA Handwash Training Kits

The Glitterbug® System is the standard for Handwash training.  This method allows an easy visualization of the results of hand washing by making the residual "not washed off" material on hands clearly visible. 

Apply "germ potion'' to hands, then wash. The U/V lamp will make unwashed areas glow in a darkened room. These kits also include "germ powder'' for cross-contamination training. 

Technology will never totally conquer the problems of sanitation in food preparation.  Personnel must apply sound principles of hand washing and prevention for success.  Glitterbug is the key.
The most significant source of contamination is from hands. No amount of cleansers or automated machinery will ever replace the careful washing of hands by a food preparation or food handling worker.  So, the key is awareness and training.  Our training kits drive the point home and are effective.

We offer several hand wash training kits that allow managers to show workers how to wash properly in a dramatic and memorable demonstration. 

Click on any of the links below for more details on each kit.

AQA1265 Standard Kit
Includes literature, DVD, UV lamp for visualization, and potion and powder for demonstration exercises.


AQA1266 Starter Kit
Includes literature, DVD, smaller battery powered UV lamp, potion and powder for demonstration exercises.


AQA1267 Deluxe Kit
Includes literature, DVD, UV visualization center that is better for larger groups; extra potion and powder.

AQA1925 AQA Lotion Kit
Includes AQA1920 UV Lamp and Glitterbug® Lotion

AQA1927 AQA Powder Kit
Includes AQA1920 UV Lamp and Glitterbug® Powder

AQA 1929 AQA Lotion+Powder Kit
Includes AQA1920 UV Lamp and Glitterbug® Lotion and Powder


Professional Hand Cleaning Brush                   

Those hands go everywhere, and often is is difficult to wash when you should.  

University studies have shown that abrasion, and not soap, is the primary cleaning action that will produce germ-free hands in the food workplace.  You absolutely need the right hand cleaning brush.  This is it. 

Product Sheet

AQA 1366 Hand Cleaning Brush

Often, it is difficult to detect unsanitary conditions.  Most tools to detect the presence of bacteria are expensive and not useable by service personnel.  One exception is a UV lamp.

Portable UV Inspection Lamp

These multipurpose UV lamp equip you to visually detect infestations.  It is also useful for demonstrations of hand washing efficiency. Features: (1) detects evidence of rodents (urine fluoresces in U/V light) (2) detects aflatoxin mold in grain, nuts, and seeds.

AQA1091 Dual Lamp UV


Replacement UV Bulb
for AQA1091

Handheld UV Inspection Lamp with Dual Mode

Our popular new AQA1920 is a very effective lamp for all food service applications and helps meet budget limitations.

Product Sheet

AQA1920 Handheld UV Lamp


Call us about other uses for UV radiation in the food workplace.

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