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High Accuracy Digital Thermometer

Have your own digital standard

High Accuracy Digital ThermometerThe heart of calibration procedures is an instrument that has trusted performance at a level of accuracy greater than the instruments you are checking and calibrating.  Normally, operations where temperatures need to be measured do not have facilities to actually perform periodic calibrations.

The reason for this is the extreme expense of equipment that will actually perform at very high accuracy.  That was then.  Now we have the Super Accurate thermometer at a price just above a “top of the line” digital designed for everyday use.

Use this device for the most demanding applications.  Certification to within 0.05°C, so there is certainty about the temperature, whatever you are checking.  Comes with a certificate N.I.S.T. traceable and documented.

We have tested these using our own very high accuracy RTD sensor system, and the performance is even better than the claim, in our experience.



Product Specifications

Button Features F°/C° Switchable | Minimum and Maximum readings | Hold and Memory functions | Backlit display
Accuracy ± 0.09F°, (± 0.05C°) for instrument between 0C° and 100C°
Update frequency Readings updated three times a second.
Internal Logging 24 Hour logging capability – captures minimum and maximum  readings every hour for 24 hours
Probe Details ·         Probe supplied w/unit 6 1/4 inches long, provides accurate readings with tip penetration of ⅓”


·         Probe at end of 4′ cable


·         Standard Probe: Triple purpose stainless steel probe for liquid, air/gas and semi-solids

Battery 9V battery (alkaline preferred)
Certification An individually serial numbered certificate to indicate thermometer traceability to standards provided by NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology — Also conforms to ITS-90, the International Temperature Standard