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Low Cost “DE-305” Thermocouple Thermometer

Global Sensors User Calibration Thermocouple Thermometer

The Affordable Thermocouple Standard

Low Cost "DE-305" Thermocouple Thermometer Thermocouple thermometers are popular because of the fact that they are stable and accomodate a wide range of universal probe configurations.

What most users do not know is that thermocouple probes will drift over time.  The sensor tip is a junction between two different types of metal, and this junction must remain unchanged for best accuracy.  Corrosion and other unseen chemical changes affect accuracy over time.  Recalibration brings the accuracy back in line, but you need to make an adjustment at the thermometer end of things…you can’t “adjust” a probe.

Our DE-305 takes care of this issue by providing a convenient adjustment on the face of the instrument.  If you have a reference thermometer or can put together your own ice bath, you can do your own calibrating.

It’s affordable and supplied with all of the control features that are found in top of the line instrument.


Product Specifications

Temperature Range -58 °F to +1742°F (-50 °C to +950 °C)
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.3% +1 °C of the reading over full range (as supplied…user can improve this performance)
Power Source 9 Volt Battery (500 hours)
Response Time 15 seconds (using typical probe)
Construction Constructed of Durable ABS Plastic/Neoprene Rubber “boot”
Response Time 5 seconds RH | temperature instant
Display Features LCD showing HOLD\MAX conditions and temperatures in °F or °C [with decimal or without decimal]
Display Detail Display 2.1″ x 1.0″ (53mm x 25mm) 3.5 digit
Weight UNIT: 11.3 oz (208 g)
Dimensions MAIN BODY: 5.8″ L x 2.8″ W x 1.4″ D
(148 mm x 71 mm x 36 mm)
BOOT 0.25″ thick (7 mm)
Sampling Rate 2.5 times per second
Ambient Operating Range +32 °F to +122°F (0 °C to +50 °C)
Probe Acceptance K-type only with standard plug