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Pocket Size Infrared Thermometer

Portable and Powerful

Pocket Size Infrared ThermometerWe have one of these on our staff meeting table and everyone seems to pick it up and aim it at something.  We feel we are very familiar with this IR thermometer.

Not only familiar, but impressed.  Although you have to hold it close to the target, the temperatures are very accurate for a unit of this type.  It is a simple point and shoot design

This is perhaps an ideal manager tool.  You can double check staff temperature management without seeming to make a frontal attack.  Just casually check this and that and slide the unit back into your pocked.

It is also a great electronic gadget to use for a large variety of business and home applications.  Some HVAC people actually use these as a tool for checking systems, or they give it away to customers who have had a major installation.

Find your application.


Product Specifications

Temperature Range -27° to 428°F (-33° to 220°C)
Accuracy ±2% of reading or ±2°C, 0.1° resolution
Feature Selectable temperature units F/C
Display LCD display
Case Metal alloy case
Power Management Low battery indication

Automatic power OFF after 15 sec

Distance Ratio 1:1 Optics (distance-to-spot size ratio)
Response Response Time (90%)       1 second
IR Sensitivity Wave Length Response     5-14μm
Weight and Size Weight (with battery): 1.4oz (45 grams)

Dimensions: 3.25 x 0.5 inches

Batteries Batteries                2 LR44  (included)  |  Battery Life     180hr (typical)