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LogTag Temperature Recorders are Great for Every Shipment

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If you want to protect your temperature-sensitive goods, you may have many different methods to ensure their safety as they are transported from one location to another. What may be more difficult to determine, however, is whether your goods remain at a stable temperature during transit. Companies across many industries today are beginning to utilize temperature recorders as part of the transportation process to gather more accurate data about temperature-sensitive goods during transport. One popular option that many business owners are finding useful is LogTag Temperature Recorders.

LogTag Temperature Recorders are Great for Every Shipment

  • Slim Design – Adding a bulky thermometer to your truck isn’t always ideal, and you don’t want to use temperature recorders that are so small they get lost in the shipment. LogTag Temperature Records have a slim design that can easily be fitted into a shipment, but still large enough that they can be found for easy data extraction.
  • Rapid Data Download – One important feature of these temperature recorders is that they have the capability to quickly and accurately download data from each shipment. This means you can manage your data transmissions succinctly before and after transport.
  • Easy to Operate – You don’t have time to troubleshoot temperature recorders that aren’t easy to use. Why not choose LogTag Temperature Recorders that have an easy-to-use design that ensures any employee can gather data and prepare shipments with ease?
  • Comprehensive Temperature Range – Depending on your products, you may need to be able to record temperatures for shipments at varying degrees. LogTag Temperature Recorders are set to read a wide range of temperature and humidity settings, so you can easily incorporate them into any shipment type.

At Global Sensors, we offer many types of temperature recorders and often find that our LogTag products are very popular amongst a variety of industries. If you want to more easily and efficiently manage your transit data, contact us today to learn more.