Protect Your Pharmaceuticals with a Better Data Logger

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If you have ever had a customer call to say that their pharmaceutical shipment is bad, you know there can be time and money lost each time that this happens. One important step that can help prevent this type of loss is better data management with each shipment of your pharmaceutical products.

Protect Your Pharmaceuticals with a Better Data Logger

In the past, data logging often involved a before-and-after temperature reading, as well as determining if anything was damaged during transit. Today there are many more options for data collection, and with a better data logger on each of your trucks, you can even track your products in-transit for more accurate readings.

Using a better data logger with your pharmaceutical shipments is important for several reasons. Firstly, you can more easily track data during each shipment, as well as have more accurate data for a set period of time. Knowing whether you have compromised insulative materials or your truck needs repairs to its interior thermostat, or being aware of the frequency of your successful shipments, can make all the difference in your ability to provide quality products and services.

If your current data logger doesn’t fit into your cargo easily, doesn’t provide accurate data readings, or isn’t compatible with your current data system, it’s time to upgrade to a better data logger that provides all of these essential options.

At Global Sensors, we carry equipment for in-transit data logging, and our associates can help you select the data logger that makes the most sense for your specific pharmaceutical shipments. Contact us today to learn more about our products and start collecting more accurate data with each shipment today.