Why Your Restaurant Needs an Infrared Thermometer

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Operating a restaurant requires imagination to go along with the high level of training you received in the culinary industry. You might take chances on a new menu item or come up with a special for the day that is outside the box, but there is one thing you should never gauge by chance: food temperatures. Using an infrared thermometer is your defense against sending something out of the kitchen that could result in a foodborne illness or even get you closed down by local health inspectors. Here are a few ways to use an infrared thermometer in your business:

  • Monitor the buffet. Buffets are notorious for harboring bacteria when foods enter the temperature danger zone. While you may have a temperature monitor in place, using an infrared thermometer every so often is a quick way to be certain your buffet is safe.

Why Your Restaurant Needs an Infrared Thermometer

  • Double check coolers and freezers. If you keep an infrared thermometer inside the unit, you are ready to take a measurement whenever you want to double check all is fine and the food is stored at a safe temperature.
  • Serving temperature. Serving a cold meal is upsetting to your customers. Serving something too hot can be a liability issue.

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