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Next-Generation Temperature and Humidity Monitors

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In the past, people in the transportation and logistics industry had to rely on analog temperature and humidity monitors to ensure their goods were kept within safe parameters. They had to periodically stop the truck, check the thermometer and hygrometer, and record the data manually. Today, technology has advanced considerably, and the industry now uses digital monitors, which offer more accurate data and more convenient data collection.

Next-Generation Temperature and Humidity Monitors

Our team at Global Sensors specializes in this technology, and we are proud to offer the next generation of temperature and humidity monitors. In particular, we are excited about the T&D TR7 Series Loggers, and we’ll provide an overview of their benefits below.


  • Cloud Storage – One reason why we call the T&D TR7 Series the next generation of temperature and humidity monitors is because they offer cloud storage capabilities. As these sensors take temperature and humidity readings, they will automatically upload that information to the cloud, allowing you to access that data from anywhere.
  • USB Connection – Alternatively, you can connect to the T&D TR7 Series temperature and humidity monitors via any USB port. This means if you’re ever in a situation where you can’t access the internet, you will still be able to access and analyze this important data.
  • Smartphone & Tablet Connection – You can access the data from your T&D TR7 Series sensors from any device, including your smartphone or tablet. If you want to check the temperature and humidity levels of a shipment that’s in transit, you can do so, getting the real-time information you need.