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Using an Infrared Thermometer to Develop Logistics Solutions

No matter what type of temperature-sensitive goods you ship, keeping them stable and at a safe temperature during every layer of transport is essential. Sometimes the challenge, however, is determining the actual temperature inside your transport vehicles and/or the packaging before and after your shipment gets on the road. If you’ve noticed that you have lots of waste due to shipments losing their temperature stability in transit, one piece of equipment that can help you identify solutions is an infrared thermometer.

Temperature logging is critical to any industry where food, pharmaceuticals, or environmental samples must be maintained. An infrared thermometer is ideal for pre- and post-data logging to determine when your products are most likely to be subjected to temperature fluctuations. Even more importantly, infrared thermometers can be used for many types of applications, including gauging heat-producing equipment to deep freezers used for storage.

One important aspect of using an infrared thermometer for your logistics solutions is that you don’t have to touch or mobilize your stored items to get an accurate temperature reading. This can be especially important if you have items that should not be disrupted during the production or storage process. Simply record accurate temperatures and develop the necessary procedures to keep your products stable.

At Global Sensors, we offer several types of infrared thermometers in addition to data loggers that are ideal for transportation logistics. Our experienced technical team can recommend the temperature and humidity recorders that make sense for your application and can help you determine whether an infrared thermometer would be a great addition to your setup. Contact us today to learn more.